Customer Success Story:
Danoz Direct (EN)

Jedox Increases Sales for Australian Consumer Goods Company: Unified database simplifies reporting and optimizes media performance

Danoz Direct is a multi-channel consumer products company specialising in sales of fitness gear, household goods, health and beauty products and accessories.
The company implemented a Jedox solution to unify various reporting tools and benefit from multi-dimensional reporting. Now they can manage hourly
reporting to increase their sales and media performance.

“The CEO and I made a decision and we have never looked back. We have information now that’s updated in real time every 15 minutes and we know exactly
what our key metrics are by channel” said Ian Wainer, Chief Financial O fficer and Director, Danoz Direct Pty Ltd

At a glance: 

  • Region: Australia
  • Industry: Services and Consumer Goods
  • Department: Financial planning, management and sales reporting
  • System environment: Google Analytics, Microsoft Dynamics GP, order management system, online platform, telephone management system, sell-through data from retailers
  • Solution: Financial planning, management and sales reporting
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