Jedox drives Customer Intelligence at Siemens

Siemens is a global company. Both directly, and through subsidiaries, Siemens employs over 340,000 people worldwide in widely diverse positions, from unskilled labor to technical project management. Siemens Recruitment Services plays a critical role in attracting, retaining, and growing Siemen’s talent in IT, logistics and manufacturing industries. The Recruitments Services steam manage staffing within the Siemens group as well as on the open market. 

Siemens relies on HR specialists with extensive recruiting expertise to forge sustainable job solutions for over 12,000 annual applicants Europe-wide. To manage staff flow, the team gather, analyze and derive daily deployment plans from huge quantities of staff and combine this with customer and market data. Siemens had previously used a custom solution for staff deployment planning. Thomas Schmid, Head of Process Management, explains:

Our previous solution wasn’t flexible enough to meet growing requirements. It required extensive programming for even the smallest system adjustments – an unbearable situation for an agile company.“

Siemens selects Jedox with confidence and trust

Along with essential HR deployment planning, Siemens now use Jedox for monthly sales and revenue analysis, empowering every employee in the organization to collaborate with financial insight. They can analyze customer cohorts by sales volume and gross revenue and analyze based on a four-field matrix. Jedox seamlessly combines customer data from the CRM with personnel sales and costs from SAP into daily operations reporting. This provides secure profitability analysis anytime, anywhere. Thomas Schmid explains:

“Previously, evaluations were exported from the CRM system to an Excel table that would already provide invalid information the following day. With Jedox, we load the approved controlling data into Jedox and always have a secure view of our data.“



  • New CRM system with reporting limitations
  • Need to combine CRM data with other data sources for HR view of the world
  • Complicated ABC analysis with four-field matrix
  • Slow grouping and validation of customer data in Excel


  • In-built automatic CRM and SAP connections
  • Web Business Intelligence for sales, people, and P&L
  • Activity Based Costing and Profitability Analytics
  • Staff deployment planning
  • Visual clarity and insight through SUCCESS charts
  • Cross-departmental analytics for many different user types


  • Major time savings – no more manual data collation and report creation
  • Full live integration through MS Office makes it easy to use
  • Powerful rules engine calculates derived costings and profitability based on activity
  • High flexibility for business users to make new reports, data discovery and ad-hoc analysis
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