Jedox and Spiral Data Group Credit Successful Partnership for Recent Wins

Melbourne, July 29, 2020 — Jedox, a leading global provider of cloud-based enterprise performance management software, proudly announced recognition of their successful partnership with an Australian-based leader in planning analytics, SpiralData, in their recent project with CleanSeas. This ongoing partnership is helping answer the rising need for reliable, flexible EPM solutions to help better manage business uncertainty in Australia, particularly in light of rising uncertainty due to the global crisis.

A modern EPM solution is proving critical for organizations to be able to realize and monitor different scenarios, and many have felt frustrated that older, inflexible, legacy systems are no longer able to meet their needs when it is most crucial.

“We are very proud of our success with SpiralData. Their expertise in data and planning analytics gives organizations the needed confidence to understand their data,” said Mark Velthuis, President of Jedox APAC. “We look forward to continue growing with SpiralData and providing organizations with real-time, flexible planning, budgeting and forecasting solutions,” Velthius added.

Working with the Jedox community in South Australia since 2016, SpiralData has been instrumental in delivering modern planning and budgeting to organizations such as CleanSeas.

“In South Australia, more and more larger organizations are seeking better tools for workforce planning and revenue planning, which is essential for better insights and better decisions in uncertain times. We are delighted to be working with Jedox to meet this need for ambitious businesses headquartered in South Australia,” said Kale Needham, CEO and co-founder of Spiral Data Group.

Learn more about Spiral Data Group here.