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Chief Executive Officer (Geschäftsführer):
Florian Winterstein

Place of Business:
Freiburg im Breisgau

Registry Court / Registration Number:
Amtsgericht Freiburg / HRB 723467

VAT identification number according to § 27 VAT law:
DE 222546278

Responsible for content according to § 5 TMG:
Florian Winterstein


Despite careful checks regarding content we assume no liability for the content of linked sites. The operator is solely responsible for the content of linked sites. Copyright protected. Reproduction or use of part or whole of contents is only permitted with the express consent of Jedox GmbH.

Jedox GmbH’s quality management complies with DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 27001 standards.

Exclusion of Liability

1. Contents of the Web Service

The contents of these Web site have been carefully checked. No liability is taken and no guarantee is given for the authenticity, accuracy, and recentness of the contents.

The Jedox GmbH provides no guarantee for the recentness, accuracy, authenticity or quality of the contained information. The Jedox GmbH cannot be held responsible for any liability caused in part by the author, even those proved to be deliberate or caused through negligence, pertaining to physical property or intellectual property damages, that result from the usage or the absence of usage of the inputted information, for example, damage caused by the usage of faulty, inaccurate or incomplete data. All offers are subject to change and are non-binding. The Jedox GmbH reserves the right to modify, amend, remove or cancel all or part of their offer, product or publication without any prior notice or special announcement.

2. References to Web Links

According to the ruling handed down by the regional court in Hamburg on May 12, 1998 – 312 O 85/98 – ” Liability for Web links”, a person, through the creation of a Web link, takes on full responsibility for the material contained on the linked Web page(s). This liability can only be wavered for people who formally dissociate themselves from the contents of this/these page(s).

We hereby disassociate ourselves formally from all of the contents provided by all of the Web sites contained in our offer, and take no responsibility for the contents of these pages. This goes for all of the links created by our Internet service.

The Jedox GmbH can not be held liabile for direct or indirect links to other Internet pages, which find themselves outside of the jurisdiction and control of the Jedox GmbH; and is in no way liable for the content of these pages, even if they contain illegal material, even if the Jedox GmbH has explicit knowledge of these links and/or the technical capacity to block these links.

The Jedox GmbH hereby states, that at the time of the links creation, no illegal material was present on the Web page(s) on the other side of the links. The Jedox GmbH could, in no way, influence the present Web page designs or any future designs, as well as the contents of the Web pages on the other side of the link. Therefore, the Jedox GmbH hereby formally denounces all responsibility for the contents presented on all of the Web pages linked to it, which have altered the contents of their Web page(s), after the creation of a link. This goes for all the links created within the scope of the Web service, as well as other links, such as foreign entries in the guest book created by the author, the “discussion” page(s), and the mailing list. The liability for illegal contents or contents which are incomplete or contain errors, especially in the case of damage cause by the use or by the lack of use of the presented information, is left to the provider (creator) of the Web page on the other side of the link, and not that of the party that only placed the link on a Web page.

3. Copyrights and Licensing Rights

Please notify us if this Web service in any way infringes upon any copyright and we will rectify this situation.

The Jedox GmbH is dedicated to comply with the copyrights of the contained graphics, documents, video sequences and texts, to use self created graphics, documents, video sequences and texts, or to access non-copyrighted/unlicensed graphics, documents, video sequences and texts.

All of the contents provided within the Web service and/or, where applicable, third party labels and/or registered trademarks are the property of the respective copyright or registered trademark owners. Note: The mere mention of copyrighted material is no reason to conclude that a trademark is not protected by a third party! The copyrights for individually produced objects, which are published, remain solely in the hands of the creator (of the Web pages). Any duplication or usage of such graphics, documents, video sequences and/or texts in other electronic or printed publication is forbidden without the direct consent of the Jedox GmbH.

4. Legal Effect of this Exclusion of Liability

This exclusion of liability should be accepted as part of the Web service, as dictated by this document. If sections or clauses of this document should not comply, or no longer, or do not completely comply with the law, the remaining sections and what they stand for are still valid.