Experience planning optimized for Excel

Excel has long been the gold standard for finance. 81% of companies say they do not want to give up Excel. Jedox Planning for Excel lets you keep what you love about Excel and optimize what you don’t.

Consistent data, efficiency, self-service, and Excel-based

Excel is a powerful tool with extensive functionality. However, it was not designed for enterprise-wide planning and therefore has limitations. Collaboration in offline spreadsheets can lead to version control issues. And because it is prone to errors and inconsistency, manual data aggregation in Excel consumes valuable time.

Jedox offers efficiency and effectiveness as a modern planning and analysis platform that integrates planning and significantly improves processes. Best of all, your planners can continue to work in the native Excel interface, which ensures a high user acceptance across business functions and a short learning curve.


From spreadsheets to an enterprise-class software solution

Build on your flexible Excel-based planning and budgeting and transform your Excel spreadsheets into an enterprise-wide platform. Jedox makes it easy by connecting your Excel files to the in-memory database. Connect all your enterprise data sources with the integration tool and use intelligent data governance, workflows and approvals for standardized collaboration. Enable self-service planning, analysis and reporting in an intuitive user interface.

Flexible planning and data analysis

Jedox multidimensional data models enable maximum flexibility in planning and data analysis from multiple viewpoints.

Single source of truth

Create a unified data foundation for all planners with automatic uploads of current and historical data from diverse source systems.

Simplified collaboration

Fully integrated and customizable workflows support enterprise-wide planning processes.

What are the advantages of the Jedox Excel Experience?

Upgrade to enterprise-class Excel-based planning and help your organization take the next step towards digital transformation without abandoning Excel spreadsheets.

  • Native Excel Interface
    With Jedox Planning for Excel, you keep the flexibility and ensure high user adoption.
  • Powerful data integration
    Seamlessly connect your existing systems with the leading Jedox data integration tool and connectors.
  • Consistency for Excel, Web, and Mobile
    No matter which interface your users prefer: Excel, web or mobile – Jedox ensures consistency.
  • Web-based analytics and dashboards
    Create dashboards and actionable performance analytics and achieve more with your data.
  • Large data sets and secure access
    The Jedox In-memory database delivers fast analysis of large data sets for enterprise-wide planning.
  • Prebuilt Solutions
    Jedox Models offer a quick start to integrated planning with pre-built solutions including reports, databases and workflows.

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