Jedox Enterprise Performance Management platform

If you can imagine it, you can build it.

Experience ultimate flexibility for designing and implementing integrated planning solutions. Then scale them quickly to your entire business. Jedox empowers you to easily build modular solutions for integrated planning in finance, sales, human resources, supply chain and more.

User Experience

Simple, intuitive and fast: experience Jedox for Excel, web and mobile

Love working in spreadsheets? Great, so do we! Get the enterprise-grade Jedox planning experience for Microsoft Excel and leverage existing skills. Or go for the Jedox Web and Mobile apps for a more guided, simplified user experience. The choice is yours.

Excel Experience

The Jedox Planning Experience for Excel offers all the advantages of spreadsheets but eliminates the challenges.

Web Experience

The modern Jedox Planning Experience for Web offers self-service for everyone and can be configured for different user types.

Mobile Experience

For people on the move the Jedox Planning Experience for Mobile enables collaboration anywhere, anytime.

Modeling & Collaboration

Model anything and collaborate across the business

Flexibility is at the heart of Jedox. Design unified planning solutions for finance and operations in no time with the easy-to-use multi-dimensional modelling and the fast in-memory engine. Then, enable all your planners across the business to collaborate and share solutions based on standardized data models and harmonized workflows.

In-Memory Engine

The proprietary multi-dimensional Jedox database and modelling engine power complex calculations at high speed.

Analytics, Reporting and Simulation

Analyze data quickly and build any report you want. Make better decision with scenarios planning and simulation.