Planning in Qlik

Planning seamlessly integrated with your Qlik system

The results from Qlik’s powerful analytics capabilities need to be transferred into actionable plans. To bring planning capabilities directly into Qlik, Jedox offers a solution including write-back functionality to a central database.

Integrated Business Planning with Qlik

As a leading Business Intelligence tool, Qlik® is a popular choice for many data and analytics professionals in finance, sales and other departments manage their business data professionally. Maximize business value, avoid spreadsheet chaos in your planning and budgeting, and dodge the struggles of data silos due to separated systems. Bring it all together for integrated business analysis and planning.

Unsurprisingly, planners and report recipients often complain about inconsistent or even inaccurate results and data, which is also often out of date before plans, budgets, and targets have even been approved. Connecting the various systems and their data remains a challenge. There are solutions.

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The integration of Jedox and Qlik allowed us to implement our ideal reporting environment for self-service data visualization, analysis, reporting, and planning – and this solution is flexible enough to accommodate change and growth in requirements.

Michael Städtler – Business Intelligence Manager
Gruner AG

Planning and budgeting directly in Qlik

Jedox offers a direct connection with Qlik and vice versa. This means that users can use the functionalities of Jedox directly in their own Qlik environment. Jedox complements Qlik by providing efficient data collection with write-back functionality to a central database, as well as specific planning applications such as top-down, bottom-up, and driver-based planning.

Use your Qlik solution together with Jedox as a single source of truth and planning platform. This allows you to complement your existing Qlik reports with powerful planning, budgeting, and forecasting functionality.

Integrated planning with Qlik and Jedox

Enable business users to plan and budget right where they usually work with Jedox integration in Qlik.

Plan, budget, and forecast directly in Qlik

Automatically feed data to be analyzed into Qlik. Business users can plan directly in their familiar environment, including write-back functionality.

Increase efficiency and reduce manual work

Eternal exporting and importing of data is time-consuming and avoidable. With Jedox as a single source of truth, the problem gets solved.

Seamlessly integrate data

Jedox offers a unified, fast, and consistent database for all actual, plan, and forecast data. Data from different sources and systems can be integrated automatically.