Modeling and collaboration

Model your entire value chain and plan for success

Experience a new level of agility for integrated business planning. The Jedox multidimensional modeling, planning, and reporting engine offers unlimited possibilities.


Increase your agility with next-generation planning

Slice and dice your data for planning like never before. With Jedox multidimensional cubes you can create many different versions and scenarios for better decision-making. Save time with intuitive planning tools that splash a target top-down across all fields, apply a seasonal distribution or increase last year’s value by a percentage. For faster, more agile planning, identify business drivers and signals and automate your processes.

Model anything

Model any planning process with the flexible modeling engine.

Standardize and integrate data models

Leverage a common data model for financial and operational planning.

Harmonize workflows

Streamline your planning process and harmonize workflows for all business functions.

Ensure strong governance

Manage access rights and user rights securely in the Jedox platform.