In-Memory Database and Modeling Engine

Fast and scalable planning and analysis from multiple viewpoints

Easily manage and analyze large datasets for integrated planning as well as operational data at a high level of detail. The multidimensional data models and in-memory engine from Jedox are built for complex models and hundreds of users.


Discover new insights in granular operational data

When financial planning and analysis is integrated with operational plans for sales, HR, and more, data volumes grow rapidly. Don’t lose the valuable information that is hidden in the details of your operational data. With Jedox you can always keep the direct link from your multidimensional, aggregated planning data to operational data in a relational database. This unique Jedox drill-through capability ensures that the most current data at a granular level is available for analysis at any time.

High-speed performance

Get superior performance for even the most complex models and hundreds of users with Jedox in-memory technology and the GPU accelerator.

Flexible analysis

Analyze your data from any viewpoint, at any aggregation level with Jedox multi-dimensional cubes, drill-down and drill-through to detailed operational data.

High scalability for enterprise-grade datasets

Create a common data foundation for integrated planning across your entire business with the scalable database for large datasets.

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