AI and Smart Insights

Anticipate change and adapt quickly through the power of AI

With Jedox AIssisted™ planning you can leverage advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) for continuous forecasting and smart insights.

Drive better decisions with smart automation

Let the integrated Jedox AIssisted™ Planning engine be your helping hand to quickly turn data into actionable insights. Enable smart automation of forecasting processes with accurate, predictive analytics and drive better decisions based on intelligent recommendations. Empower everyone in the business with out-of-the-box AI solutions helping them clean large datasets, obtain faster, more granular forecast results, and leverage smart insights.

AI applications

Get faster answers to your big questions

Accelerate value creation in your business with simple to use solutions based on AI and machine learning. And harness the power of intelligent technologies for recommendations and faster answers to complex questions. Explore Jedox AIssisted™ out-of-the-box solutions and the customizable AI engine in the Jedox Marketplace.

Augmented Data Preparation

Get the best results by ensuring your input data is complete and consistent. Accurate predictions rely on the quality of your source data. Clean your data, remove outliers, and fill gaps quickly with AI-augmented data preparation.

Predictive forecasting

Automate forecasting with advanced predictive technology integrated into your Jedox forecast. Get transparent results with best-case and worst-case scenarios. Compare accuracy for different models taking into account seasonality and trends.

Machine learning prediction

Get highly accurate forecast results using multiple data inputs and identify your key operational drivers for business performance. Jedox AIssisted™ Planning leverages powerful advanced machine learning and AI for easy-to-use solutions.

Intelligent recommendations

Whether your goal is to reduce customer churn