Letter from our CEO to Customers & Partners

Together, we are in a truly extraordinary situation. The global pandemic is affecting all of our personal and professional lives. First and foremost, I hope that you, your families, and communities are safe. At Jedox, we consider ourselves one global team. As One Team, Jedoxians around the world want you to know our empathy and compassion is with those who are impacted by the virus and we extend our heartfelt wishes for recovery.

We take our role in supporting you and your business very seriously. During this time, Jedox is focused on these key areas:

  • Proactive measures are in place to protect our employees well-being as well as their families
  • Continued commitment to your success and support for planning and forecasting in this unprecedented situation
  • A laser-sharp focus on service level and business continuity, including the health of the company

We are impressed and inspired by the various initiatives we’ve seen across our customer base around the world. Within the Jedox ecosystem, as well as the numerous individual contributions from a lot of other communities, organizations and authorities around the globe, keep going! We encourage this spirit.

There is so much our global team has been working on behind the scenes while working from home! Here are some of the highlights:

  • With our early adoption of preventative measures, we are grateful to count no infections within the Jedox global team.
  • We have shifted our business mode to working remotely. We ask you and our teams to increasingly work through available digital channels.
  • All on-site gatherings are postponed and we’re shifting all Jedox events, both internal and external, to virtual.
  • Our latest webinars, on “Using Reforecasting to Manage Uncertainty” and “Controlling as a Crisis Manager” have been great examples of the value of Jedox’s online knowledge sharing and I want to say thank you to the more than 1,000 participants and our partners for contributing.
  • I’d also like to encourage and invite you to join our other webinars, academy courses, enablement initiatives, digitally guided implementation, and more.  Please take advantage of our expansive online offerings.
  • Also take advantage of our high-performance Cloud and SaaS operations. The stability is unwavering, and this crisis simply reiterates SaaS as the utmost reliable IT approach and the Jedox Cloud is proven to be there at critical times. Remove the limitations in your way to access our services, operations, up time and support.
  • We have launched specific offerings to better support organizations as we see the increased planning need, especially in volatile, uncertain times. We are here for you not only during this crisis, but after as well. One example is our package containing a license for 15 months of Jedox Cloud Service, Implementation, Data Integration & Migration, beneficial payment terms, as well as other benefits. 

Though this crisis has connected us like never before, the future will be much different than we expected. You have my personal promise that Jedox will be at your side with our continued commitment to you and your business throughout this crisis, and after. We’ll come out on the other side of this even stronger.

Take advantage of Jedox’s capabilities to help you with the increased frequency of budgeting and forecasting cycles, scenario modeling, AI, and more.

Jedox is EPM at the leading edge, both in methodology and technology.

We, the Jedox One Team, remain committed to being your partner in all aspects, to be here when you need us, provide you with leading edge technology, offer innovative approaches to project delivery, unrivaled flexibility and everything else needed to ensure success now and in the future.

We are where we are because of you, and with you. Thank you for your support and loyalty. 

And remember that we continue to value your questions, feedback, and ideas.

Stay safe,
Florian & The Jedox Executive Team