Jedox 2019.1 is now available – Check out the New Features

Jedox software helps create a single, consistent data foundation for financial planning and analysis as well as performance management across the organization. As part of its unified software platform, Jedox features powerful integration tools to connect seamlessly to data sources in the cloud and on-premises. Jedox brings together information from CRM, ERP, BI, and other systems in one modern Enterprise Performance Management platform.  

Global Connections: A Central Place to Manage All Cloud and On-premises Data Sources

With Jedox 2019.1, we are taking flexible data connection management a big step forward by introducing a central place for defining, storing, and managing all your data connections. Meet our new Global Connections, which simplify system integration in Jedox with an overview of all data connections and centralized administration of granular user rights, connection details, and passwords. Once defined in the Global Connections manager, you can use these connections across multiple integration projects without specifying the details again. Plus, you can convert existing data connections from Jedox Integrator projects to the new Global Connections type with just a few clicks.

Also new in 2019.1 are enhanced cloud connections that make it easier than ever to integrate web services (REST) used by modern cloud-based applications. Additional security enhancements include unified password encryption for Jedox Integrator, plus separate Integrator project encryption keys for each instance. 

One-Click Email Notifications: Quickly Communicate Scheduled Tasks to All Users

Jedox 2019.1 improves communication and collaboration between process admins and planners by offering a simpler way to create and schedule email notifications for scheduled actions. Process admins already use Jedox Scheduler to automate actions, such as distribution of standard reports in PDF format to a list of recipients or execution of data integration projects. Now they can create corresponding email notifications to send it to all users at a selected time with just a few clicks. Save time by using standard text blocks or create your own customized messages. 

New “Previous Year” Business Logic and Rule Comments for Jedox Application Designers

In Jedox 2019.1, building and maintaining Jedox applications becomes even faster and smarter. Application designers can now use inline comments to document business rules for other users which help them understand the structure and logic of your custom rules and re-use them for their own purposes. Furthermore, there is a new business logic called “Previous Year” that quickly adds the stored actual values from the previous twelve months to the current period. 

Improvements in Jedox User Experience for Jedox Planners

Jedox 2019.1 offers several enhancements in usability, providing a more enjoyable user experience for planners. These improvements include the option to hide cubes from users without access rights, updated error messages to ensure users enter values on the correct aggregation level, fewer clicks, and many more.

To learn more about all software updates and enhancements in the latest version of Jedox, visit What’s New in Jedox 2019.1 in the Jedox Knowledge Base.

Author: Vladislav Malicevic