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24 10, 2019

5 Tips for High Quality Finance Forecasting

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A high-quality business forecast delivers far more than just numbers. Done well, it provides a road map for concrete recommendations to drive the business forward. It provides valuable information on what still needs to be done by whom in order to achieve the budget goals set.

15 10, 2019

Target: Process Optimization

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A modern enterprise performance management strategy offers significant improvement to the functions of controlling. Having one helps modernize planning processes and provide a measurable advantage for organizations of all sizes and sectors.

22 08, 2019

An Open Letter To The CFO on FP&A

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Dear CFO, We heard that you put FP&A on your list of top priorities to work on. We understand that you’re not satisfied with the return on investment you’re getting from the department. You told us that there is too much data, reporting, and analysis and too few real insights that change decisions for the better. You also told ...