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Jedox delivers fast food for thought: Automatic, real-time calculations of like-for-like sales

SSP is the German market leader for travel gastronomy. The company with 3,000 employees provides a mix of local and international brands to travelers in airports, train stations and rest stops. The company is part of the international SSP Group, which serves over 1 million travelers daily at 600 locations in 29 countries throughout Europe, Asia, North America and Northern Africa.

The food travel expert has implemented a powerful BI platform based on Jedox. The system supports e fficient, automated planning and reporting processes built on common structures. By integrating third-party data sources and automatically supplying external partners with reports, Jedox has eliminated a great deal of manual work. Decision-makers on all levels now have current, detailed information to steer the performance of the company’s many sales locations.

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“Thanks to the real-time consolidations, our planning is always up to date and much faster than before.”

Horst Schlereth, Head of Controlling, SSP - The Food Travel Experts