Highlights of Jedox Version 2019.4

Jedox 2019.4, which introduces many user favorites from the feature voting tool, is available for testing now. This release is accompanied by a brand new Jedox Mobile app featuring new SAML authentication. Version 2019.4 is also the starting point of a new era, introducing the Jedox Excel Add-in for Microsoft Office 365. Users can contact Jedox Support from right within the platform.

New Jedox Mobile App: Plan & Forecast

Jedox is proud to announce the latest release of Jedox Mobile 2020. With the brand new, cross-platform mobile app, users enjoy a faster, more responsive login experience, including authentication via SAML. The new app for iOS and Android features numerous improvements and will be continuously enhanced.

SAML authentication in Jedox Mobile makes single-sign-on seamless

Preview: Jedox Planner for Excel Online

Jedox Cloud customers can now test the new Jedox Add-in for Microsoft Excel for Office 365 . The new add-in, which is available “in preview” in Jedox 2019.4, enables the use of spreadsheets for planning and analysis in the online version of Excel for Microsoft Office 365. Connecting live to the Jedox In-Memory Database, the add-in supports full write-back. Learn more about the Jedox Add-in for Office 365.

Flexible Zero Suppression in Views

If you want to convey information quickly in Jedox views, zero suppression is a critical step to improve readability of your views. In 2019.4, Jedox added multiple options for zero suppression, including hiding all zeros, in rows only or in columns only.

Define Subsets as Default in Views

You can now flag a default subset for a dimension in views. For example, the subset “Current Year” can be defined on a Time dimension, and the values of that subset will now be preselected when a user selects the Time dimension in Paste View, Paste Subset or Element Selector. This saves time and clicks for end users.

Performance Optimization for “LOOKUP” Rules

Jedox is a leader in query performance (see the latest BARC BI survey) and is further enhancing performance of its In-Memory Database. With the optimization in rules with “LOOKUP” pointing to other cube areas, user will see performance improvements between factors of 10 to 100 for certain rule calculations.

Fast In-Product Access to Jedox Support

Starting with 2019.4, users can directly access Jedox Support from within the Jedox application, making it much simpler and faster to send support requests. To use the in-app support function in Jedox Web, users need to set up their support portal credentials in “Options” first. Afterwards, they can contact Jedox Support via the help button in Jedox Web and submit the following information:

  • Subject
  • Description
  • Jedox component
  • Cc (email address)
  • Attach files from local file system

Additionally, software release number as well as component version numbers are passed on automatically, helping Jedox Support staff to respond to issues faster and channel requests quickly getting to the right contact.

Data Integration: New Transform for Column Aggregation

Common activities such as calculating opening / closing stock values, identifying max / min temperature over time and counting discrete product values are often important requirements in data integration projects. Cumulating values within a column with Jedox Integrator is now much simpler with the new Column Aggregation transform function, that allows an output column to show an aggregated value of all rows in the input column, up to the current row.

This function can have a maximum of 2 inputs:

  1. Column 1: Value to aggregate on (mandatory)
  2. Column 2: A condition that can reset the aggregation (optional)

See the Release Notes for Jedox 2019.4 in Jedox Knowledge Base for a full description of all new features and updates. The latest Jedox version is available now for testing as a Cloud trial version from the Jedox website. Start your free trial today.