Industry analyst reports and peer reviews are critical information sources for buyers of B2B (business to business) software solutions. There is a wealth of information from software vendors out there but to cut through the clutter and get an unfiltered view, it is useful to also consult real-world customer feedback. 

In this blog, we sort through five independent studies and sources that collect detailed feedback from a large number of actual Enterprise Performance Management software users. These surveys show customer satisfaction with vendors and their products and illustrate the benefits of using EPM software in a straightforward manner.

User Experience and Business Value

User experience is critically important for broad adoption of a software solution by multiple users across an organization. Numerous factors play an important role in making the business case for EPM software and selecting a vendor. Aspects such as how well the solution integrates planning with reporting and analysis, the speed of project implementation, and reduction of resources required are all part of the process.

In the 2019 Planning Survey by BARC, Business Application Research Company, Jedox was ranked best-in-class for User Experience and Business Value in the peer group of BI-focused Planning software tools.

BARC – The Planning Survey ‘19

  • Name: The Planning Survey ‘19
  • Publication date: May 2019
  • Source: End-user survey


Integrated Planning and Performance Management

Numerous studies have concluded that integrated data analytics and reporting coupled with planning, budgeting and forecasting pushes enterprise performance management to the next level by creating one seamless solution. In 2019, The Enterprise Performance Management Study and the Business Intelligence Study by Dresner Advisory Services recognized Jedox as a leader in both fields. Dresner Advisory Services awarded Jedox with the Industry Excellence award for Overall Leadership for four consecutive years.

Dresner – Wisdom of Crowds®

  • Name: “Wisdom of Crowds® Enterprise Performance Management Study” and “Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Study”
  • Publication date: August 2019
  • Source: End-user survey


Efficiency and Ease-of-Use with Cloud-based FP&A Software

As operational efficiency is becoming more important and finance professionals are seeking higher levels of ease-of-use and speed of deployment, cloud-based Enterprise Performance Management solutions are growing in popularity. Simply put, a solution must be user-friendly. In 2019, Gartner, the global independent analyst firm, published the “Magic Quadrant for Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis Solutions” and recognized Jedox as one of 15 global cloud vendors for the third year in a row.


  • Name: Magic Quadrant for Cloud FP&A Solutions
  • Publication date: August 2019
  • Source: Customer survey, software demonstrations, analyst opinion


Top-ranked Query Performance and Data Preparation

To support the digital transformation of FP&A, a modern EPM solutions needs to be able to handle growing data volumes and provide consistently high performance. New planning approaches like integrated financial and operational planning lead to more users, higher data volumes, and more complex models. They also require seamless connections to various different data sources such as ERP, CRM, and operational systems. In the 2019 BI Survey by BARC, Jedox took first place in the KPIs “Query Performance”, “Data Preparation” and “Project Length” in the integrated performance management peer group.

BARC – The BI Survey ‘19

  • Name: The BI Survey ‘19
  • Source: Customer Survey
  • Publication date: Oct 2019


Real-world Customer Reviews

Much like the product reviews on Amazon, there are also review sites for business to business software solutions. These review sites offer insight into real-world customer sentiment for lots of different software solutions. One of the largest independent software review sites is Capterra, owned by Gartner®, with over 100,000 reviews. Jedox is ranked on Capterra as one of the top vendors for budgeting, business performance management and financial reporting.