2021 market studies and user surveys by independent analyst firms Dresner Advisory Services (DAS), Business Application Research Center (BARC) and BPM Partners reveal current market trends for enterprise performance management and planning solutions. In this blog post, we’ll review and highlight these trends. 

Dresner Advisory Services EPM Market Study, 2021

Budgeting, cash flow forecasting, and headcount planning are critical and sourcing from specialist vendors is preferred

The annual EPM Market Study by former Gartner analyst, founder, and chief research officer at Dresner Advisory Services, Howard Dresner, finds that “the top three planning priorities in 2021 are financial budgets, cash flow forecasting, and headcount planning. During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, these capabilities have been critical in helping organizations successfully navigate through a very challenging time,” the study says. The study also shows a continuing trend towards sourcing of EPM solutions from specialist vendors. Only around 9% of respondents prefer to source EPM solutions from their ERP vendor, whereas 26% consider all types of vendors and 65% prefer to source these capabilities from a specialist EPM vendor.

In the EPM vendor rankings, Jedox is recognized as an Overall Leader in Enterprise Performance Management for placing in the top right quadrant in both the Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility models with a perfect recommendation score. Jedox is also recognized as best-in-class for integration with third-party technology, highlighting streamlined data integration for any ERP system as well as other cloud or on-premises data source.

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BARC Planning Survey 21

Trending topics are self-service planning, integrated planning, simulation & scenario analysis as well as predictive planning

Which of the following does your company do/use with your product for planning and budgeting? (n=884)

The largest global survey of over 1,400 planning software users reveals that the top trends are self-service planning for business functions and integration of different sub-budgets.  In terms of planned adoption in the future predictive planning, integration of strategic and operational plans, and simulation and scenario analysis are the most important topics.

The top three benefits from predictive planning and forecasting companies are expecting are better quality of extrapolations and simulations (55%), the relief of planners through automated processes (47%) and easier identification as well as evaluation of drivers/validation of planning results (both 43%).

Jedox not only provides a flexible platform to build integrated models for strategic and operational planning, it also offers an easy-to-use planning and analytics experience for self-service in the business departments. A native AI service with out-of-the-box wizards for predictive forecasting, driver analysis and simulations is integrated in the Jedox platform. In the Planning Survey 21, Jedox was ranked number one for “Business Benefits” across all peer groups and best-in-class for “Planning Functionality” in the global vendors peer group. Overall, Jedox received a 98% customer satisfaction score.

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BARC Score Integrated Planning and Analytics, 2021

Integrated planning and analytics is becoming a decisive competitive factor for decision-making

This independent analyst report on the Integrated Planning and Analysis software market finds that “The integration of corporate planning and its integration with analytics (IP&A) in common platforms is essential to optimally support modern and integrated corporate management…”  It summarizes the benefits as “The centrally harmonized master data provides a single, common data basis for planning and analytics as well as other CPM processes such as risk management and financial consolidation.”

Jedox has been named a global Market Leader for Integrated Planning and Analytics in 2021. It offers customers a choice of self-service data analysis and flexible management reporting integrated within Jedox or the option to easily combine with their existing BI solution such as Microsoft Power BI, Qlik or Tableau for seamless enterprise performance management.

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BPM Partners Pulse Survey and Vendor Landscape Matrix, 2021

Most companies still use spreadsheets with their EPM software for additional analysis, as an input mechanism, or to pull in data

The 2021 BPM pulse survey asked: “Are spreadsheets still used with the new business performance management system?” and 81% of respondents said yes. The most common uses were additional analysis (57%), as an alternative input mechanism (51%) and to pull in additional data (51%). The survey had 457 responses in total, the majority coming from software users in North America.

Jedox simplifies planning, analytics and reporting with a familiar native Excel interface as well as a modern experience for web and mobile. The BPM Vendor Landscape Matrix recognizes Jedox for its Excel UI and excellent overall customer rating with a 96% recommendation rate.

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