Integrated Manufacturing Planning

Unified financial and sales planning processes in manufacturing

With production facilities scattered around the globe, manufacturers are facing increasingly complex planning processes. Instead of managing this complexity with Excel alone, successful manufacturers use a unified platform solution. Accelerate your processes and foster collaboration.

Transform global data streams into added value streams

The manufacturing industry is one of the most automated. Robots roam the floors of plants and ERP systems have become indispensable. At the same time, finance and sales often still rely on Excel or isolated solutions for their planning. This results in lengthy processes, which often lead to plans that are already outdated by the time they are completed.

For reasons of time-consuming planning processes alone, it is difficult to think about quick adjustments. Unforeseen circumstances such as rapidly changing sales volumes or strong fluctuations in price should be best addressed immediately. Scenario models and analysis help to prepare for these situations and build resilience but are also time consuming in Excel. Increasing digitalization and globalization of markets, however, demands these capabilities. Factors such as manufacturing sites all over the world, different currencies, and different accounting standards further add complexity to planning.

Unified planning for all departments and functions fosters collaboration, increases data quality, and allows a wide range of scenarios to be run and reforecast at lightning speed. Automated planning also provides for automated currency conversions and transfer to different regional accounting standards for financial consolidation. With Jedox and a global network of more than 250 partners, you benefit from comprehensive expertise for industries such as automotive, machine and tool manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and many more.

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With Jedox, we have truly realized the possibility of integrating factory details by unifying our data collection and built a new standardized one-stop service and intelligent solution.

Huang Qing Song, Finance Director at automotive supplier

Think ahead of the Industry 4.0 curve with collaborative planning

With Jedox, manufacturing companies plan with always up-to-date data. It gets seamlessly integrated from ERP and other source systems for analysis and further planning in a unified platform solution – without burdening the resources of the source systems. Time-consuming processes for the collection, preparation and reporting of data are easily automated. The same goes for regular forecasts to better align production with demand and uncover further optimization potential. Finance experts thus have more time for in-depth analysis at various levels of aggregation.

The platform architecture in the cloud (public, private or on-premises) allows tailored solutions for different tasks and departments. This ensures a common, uniform data foundation across departmental and national boundaries. Jedox improves collaboration with workflows and data quality through automated integration. Laborious collection and preparation of data is eliminated, and finance professionals can devote themselves to more strategic, value-added tasks that allow them to be a better business partners across the organization.

AI wizards allow experts and business users alike to cleanse and complete their data. This enables more accurate forecasts for manufacturing sites – from machine utilization to runtimes and downtimes – for sales and other areas.

Master the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Automate time-consuming processes

such as data collection, preparation, and reporting