Integrated Planning for Life Sciences and Pharma

Unified financial and sales planning processes for organizations in the life sciences

The complexity in planning requirements for organizations in the life sciences is second to none. Marketing, payment, and demand processes need to be closely aligned. Break down data silos across the organization to achieve a unified planning approach and analyze your data for timely insights.

Highly regulated industries require a unified planning approach

Organizations in the life sciences, such as pharmaceutical, med tech, and biotech companies, are among the most highly regulated in the global market. Time-to-market (TTM) cycles are correspondingly long due to extensive testing and complex approval processes under FDA and similar guidelines around the globe.

The marketing, payment, and demand processes are also significantly more complex. Between the patient and the producer there is usually an entire series of intermediaries. Doctors prescribe a drug or medical device, pharmacies sell them, and health insurance companies pay the providers. For planning to be both effective and efficient, isolated solutions and siloed data are not an option.

Accurate planning and monitoring of the product portfolio from development to production to distribution plays a central role. Ideally, this is supported by a collaborative planning and analysis approach based on a single source of truth. With a unified, integrated approach to planning, leading life sciences companies can ensure their name brand drugs secure timely research funding before generics take over.

With Jedox and a global network of more than 250 partners, leading organizations in the life sciences streamline their planning. Pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology organizations are increasing collaboration across departments to meet these challenges with a unified, flexible and data-driven approach.

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We replaced Excel with integrated planning and reporting through Jedox in a few weeks. Our specialist departments plan independently on the web. My team is able to focus on profitable growth.

Michael Bailey – Senior Manager Controlling

Customized FP&A solutions from the field

Top global pharmaceutical companies use Jedox to plan the daily resources required for all clinical trials in R&D. Project management and cost controlling are fully integrated, enabling comprehensive real-time analysis of projects and ad-hoc resource reporting.

In manufacturing, life sciences companies solve complex planning challenges with an integrated approach that links their strategic and operational planning. With Jedox, they unify reporting for production personnel, sales figures, and cost centers. They do this from various source systems such as Oracle, SAP, and IMS solutions. Jedox provides you with a 360-degree view to detect supplier bottlenecks, monitor production yields, and manage plant maintenance.

Sales and distribution personnel benefit from detailed customer segmentation capabilities, insightful profitability analysis, liquidity forecasting, and intuitive scenario planning capabilities. Measure sales performance with Jedox to uncover potential savings and meaningful budget adjustments – with data coming directly from your CRM system, such as Salesforce.

Increase transparency, flexibility and collaboration for organizations in Life Sciences and Pharma

Real-time collaboration

across the value chain to increase cost transparency and data quality