Optimized planning processes for energy suppliers

Fundamental industry changes, rising purchase prices and customers who frequently change suppliers – the challenges for energy supply companies are numerous. This makes effective financial planning & analysis all the more crucial for success.

Focus on sales planning for energy suppliers

The changes in the energy market have considerably increased the competitive pressure on energy supply companies. Falling market entry barriers lead to more and more competitors on the market. Increasing regulatory and consumer protection requirements must be met. The push toward increasing green and renewable energy sources also has a big impact.

Today, many public utilities companies are struggling with declining customer loyalty and higher churn rates – and at the same time have to survive in an increasingly fierce price war with rising energy prices. Planning in Excel spreadsheets quickly reaches its limits – the low accuracy rates offer little transparency due to the amount of manual effort involved.

Successful energy suppliers that can effectively compete in volatile markets work with a specialized software solution that is tailored to their industry-specific requirements. Energy industry sales reporting can serve its target group from the individual key account manager to the supervisory board; detailed churn analysis helps define customer retention measures, and sales management is able to make data-driven decisions based on real-time data.

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Together with the bdg consultants, we have created a powerful planning tool that gives us an integrated overview of earnings, balance sheet and liquidity. This enables us to have a comprehensive overview of our current situation and to manage the company in a future-oriented way.

Christian Werning – Head of Controlling Department
ENNI Energy & Umwelt Niederrhein GmbH

Integrated performance management with Jedox

Efficient enterprise performance management and effective sales planning play an important role for public utilities companies and energy suppliers. With a specialized software solution, you can significantly improve and strengthen key business functions.

With Jedox, heterogeneous system landscapes with data and information inconsistencies between the individual departments are a thing of the past. Sales planning data is aggregated from various systems such as the partner sales portal, the customer relationship management (CRM) system and the energy purchasing system. Seamlessly integrating different systems such as SAP for Utilities (SAP IS-U) reduces delays and provides more accurate data, even with the high data volumes common for energy suppliers. Even the high data volumes with which energy suppliers operate are no obstacle.

Energy companies can unify their industry-specific finance and sales planning into modern, unified planning that provides a holistic view of the entire company. Numerous public utilities and energy distribution companies have already made their corporate management fit for a successful future with a software solution from Jedox.

Optimize your planning to be the energy supply company of tomorrow

Optimizing your processes for planning, reporting and analysis, increasing your customer loyalty and gaining an advantage in a highly competitive market are all within reach.

Increase transparency

for faster responsiveness and data-based decisions

Strengthen your customer loyalty

through data-driven churn analysis

Create modern, unified planning and analysis

by linking sales planning with traditional financial planning & analysis