Data Protection Policy

Correct handling of your data with due regard for your individual personal rights as well as consideration of your right to informational self-determination is important to us when using your personal data. The collection, processing and utilization of your personal data complies with the legislation in force, and in particular, with European data protection directives and their implementation in national law. Jedox AG reserves the right to adjust this privacy statement to changed statutory rules and regulations. Click the corresponding link in our portal regularly to make sure that your privacy statement is up-to-date.

(1) Using the Jedox Web Portal without Providing Personal Information

You can use our portal without providing any personal information. The following use cases do not relate usage data to you at any time.

(1.1) Log Files of the Web Service

If you browse pages in our portal the web server automatically saves this information in log files required to operate the web service: name of the browser, name of your internet service provider, your computer’s IP address, address of the page from where you access our portal, name of your operating system, websites you visit on our portal, and date and time of your visit. This usage data is temporarily stored in the log files and then deleted automatically. Storing of this data only serves the purpose of analyzing the activities that might have contributed to a malfunction.

(1.2) Cookies

Our portal uses cookies. These are small files the web server stores on a dedicated location on your computer. These cookies stored on your computer may also be used by the web server.

Cookies, on the one hand, differ according to their storage period:

  • So-called session cookies are deleted automatically when you close the browser. Using a web-analysis tool, session cookies may provide information on pages and products that particularly attract the attention of the visitors.
  • Permanent cookies, on the other hand, remain on your computer after you close the browser session. You can specify their storage period in your browser. Since permanent cookies may be reused for a next visit to our website, you may delete them after you have left our portal. Permanent cookies may be used, for instance, to store your language selection for the Jedox website.

Cookies also differ by their origin:

  • So-called first-party cookies always originate from the website entered into your browser’s address bar.
  • So-called third-party cookies originate from websites you do not access yourself. They originate from images or advertisements embedded by the provider of the first-party website.

Your browser may inform you about the websites that have stored cookies on your computer. Most of the browser configurations accept first-party cookies.

To specify the storage of cookies on your computer, you have several options:

  • You can use the settings of your browser. If your browser does not accept cookies, using some of our portal pages may not be trouble-free. To download our software to your PC, your browser needs to accept cookies.

For most browsers, you may obtain additional software that manages cookies. You can use such add-ons to delete cookies, block website that try to set cookies, and much more. We do not want to recommend a specific cookie manager, since choosing one depends on the suitable add-on for your operating system, and on your browser.

(1.3) Usage Analysis in our Web Portal

Google Universal Analytics

How does Google Universal Analytics collect usage data?

This website uses Google Universal Analytics, a web-analysis service by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Universal Analytics uses so-called “cookies”. A cookie is a text file that is stored on your computer and enables analysis of the website’s usage. This permanent cookie (see paragraph on cookies in this privacy statement) contains a combination of random numbers for recognition of our website by the browser. The information on the usage of this website generated by the cookie is usually sent to, and stored on, a Google server located in the USA.

If this cookie is missing, e.g. because it is deleted after a session, Google Universal Analytics uses other methods to recognize the browser to continue attributing the user behavior to a pseudonym. These methods are also used on other devices (e.g. tablets, smart phones) for general behavior analysis of a person who uses multiple devices.

Anonymization of the IP Address

IP-anonymization is enabled on our website, i.e. though the server sends the full IP address of your device to the Google server, Google truncates the address before storing and thus efficiently anonymizes it. For details on the anonymization of the IP address, see

Purpose of Google Universal Analytics

On behalf of the provider of this website, Google will use this information to analyze the usage of the website, to create reports on website activities, and to provide further services to the website provider related to the usage of the website and of the internet. The IP address transmitted by your browser through Google Analytics will not be combined with other Google data.

Opt-Out Options

If you use a browser on a PC, Mac, or any other device that plug-ins may be installed on, you can prevent the retrieval of the website- and usage-related data generated by Google Universal Analytics (including your IP address) and the distribution of this data by Google by installing this plug-in: The plug-in blocks Google Web Analysis for all websites you visit.

Refer to this website to view Google’s notes on data protection and data security from Universal Analytics:


We use CrazyEgg to collect statistically summarized data on the frequency of use for the pages and functions of our portal. The usage data collected for this purpose will not be related to the person of the user at any time. It is collected under a temporary pseudonymous ID instead.

(1.4) Links to Social Networks

Our portal contains links to multiple social networks. The link will only connect to the web server of the social network if you click it, i.e. no usage data will be sent to the social network unless you click the corresponding link. The provider of the social network is responsible for the protection of your data within the network.

(2) Processing of Personal Data in the Jedox Portal

(2.1) Processing of Personal Log-On Data (for Customers and Partners only).

You can use information and software downloads free-of-charge. We only collect necessary data for log-on to the Jedox community. We will send an activation link to your e-mail address to complete the registration. You can access and edit your data in your profile any time. You may also exercise your right of information to access, rectify, erase or block the stored data any time according to 4.2.

(2.2) Processing and Usage of Personal Data for Software Downloads

If you fill the software-download form in our portal your information is used by Hubspot Inc. (Cambridge, MA 02141, USA) on our behalf to send you more information in our newsletter about the downloaded software and its attached services. You can cancel the newsletter any time; see 2.3.

Furthermore, Hubspot Inc. uses the information from the download form on our behalf to further analyze your usage of our portal. Doing so, specific usage data is associated with you and stored in our CRM. This allows us to send you information and offers that reflect your interests.

You can revoke consent to use your data any time according to 4.2 of the privacy statement. For details on the technology used by Hubspot Inc., see

(2.3) Newsletter

We will send you information on the Jedox orbit, events, products, and news:

If you select the corresponding check box upon your express request or
If we have received your e-mail address through an order or a software download of additional information (e.g. white papers)
Newsletters are sent by Hubspot Inc. on our behalf; delivery is secured through e-mail tracking for each campaign.

You can cancel the newsletter any time by calling us at +49-761-15147-0, sending us an informal fax to +49-761-15147-10, or an informal e-mail to You can also cancel the delivery of the electronic newsletter on our newsletter page. Furthermore, each newsletter includes a link you can use for removal from the recipient list.

(3) Usage of your Data for Contractual Procedures

We collect, process, and use data required for contractual procedures and share it with our assigned service provider, where necessary, to the extent stipulated explicitly in the contract. We do not share data with third parties for their personal use.

We may request credit information to verify your credit standing. We may report negative data to credit agencies according to § 28a BDSG.

(4) Further Declarations on Data Protection

(4.1) Responsible Office

The responsible office for data protection is the company specified in the imprint. The company is solely responsible for the websites published on the domain. It is not responsible, however, for our partners’ websites that links on our website may point to.

(4.2) Your Rights as Data Subject, Revocation of Consent

You can exercise your rights as data subject to access, rectify, erase or block the stored data and revoke your content granted against us any time. To do so, call us anytime at +49-761-15147-0, send a fax to +49-761-15147-10, or an e-mail to You can also use these options any time to revoke any granted consent with future effect.

(4.3) Applications

If you send us your application we will only store your data with your express consent after filling the vacancy. You can revoke this consent any time. To do so, contact the Human Resources Department using the data from the imprint.

(4.4)Linked Pages

The respective partner companies are responsible for the data protection on the linked websites. For further information, see the information in the imprint or the privacy statement of the linked website. To exercise your right of information to access, rectify, erase or block the stored data, contact the corresponding partner’s office.

(4.5) Data Protection Officer

Jedox AG has appointed a Data Protection Officer, who may be contacted for all questions regarding data protection at AG. Contact the Data Protection Officer for any questions regarding data protection:

Data Protection Jedox AG

DataCo GmbH
represented by CEO Kivanc Semen
Dachauer Str. 65
80335 München
Tel.: +49 (0) 89 7400 45840


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