Enterprise Performance Management for Small & Midsize Businesses

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Make the move beyond spreadsheets

Modern financial controls are standard in global enterprises, but still a difficult topic for many midsize businesses. The gains are obvious, including higher financial transparency, more accountability, and better decision making. Yet many companies lack the resources to respond quickly to changing markets through effective Enterprise Performance Management.

A professional system for enterprise planning, analysis and reporting requires an investment that could be used on profit-raising operational activities. IT departments are often small. If the solution is too technical, finance needs expensive external consulting to implement, maintain, and adapt the solution. The result: 85% of midsize businesses still do not have dedicated Enterprise Performance Management solutions. Instead, they use inefficient, error-prone spreadsheets which hinder transparency and a single version of the truth.

It’s Time for a Change

in many midsize businesses:

do not stipulate strategic planning
rely on spreadsheets for enterprise planning and budgeting
view professional BI and enterprise planning as critical capability to move forward

Enterprise Performance Management for Small & Midsize Businesses

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“Having worked with TM1, I was happy to work with Jedox. I mean yes, TM1’s a nice product, but for well over $100,000 for basic budgeting and forecasting, whereas we did this with Jedox for much less. You can share Jedox with a lot more people at that price – and solve more business problems.”
David Sherwood, McKenzie Aged Care
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“Being able to use Excel and the web portal for reporting and budgeting match our needs. Teams can view reports or update spreadsheets for consolidation. Other similar systems were not able to do that, at a competitive cost.”
Toby Lauer, Director IT, Tokyo American Club
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“Jedox is easy to use and delivers all our requirements at less cost, coupled with higher quality, capability and fast response times.”
Milos Kocenda, Financial Controller, PAS Group

Kick-start your planning project with Jedox Models (Sales Planning, HR Planning)

Jedox Models use tried-and-tested modeling techniques to ensure fast results. You can add and integrate further modules as needed to flexibly extend your planning application.

Jedox Models