Integrated Planning

Unify Planning Across Your Organization

Breaking Down the Silos

Organizations face growing volumes of data, most of which is stored in multiple operational systems and disconnected departmental silos. Various planning functions across the organization not only utilize disparate systems. They also plan and report their data using different standards, periods, levels of detail, assumptions, and intervals.

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From Spreadsheets to Integrated Business Planning

Building strong links between strategic and operational planning – or operational and financial planning and analysis – is no simple task. Most CFOs have gone beyond spreadsheets with Business Intelligence (BI) and data discovery to analyze historic data. Yet the humble spreadsheet remains the enterprise standard for planning. A professional planning solution that integrates financial and operational plans produces more accurate results. This enhances the ability of the CFO as well as the executive team to align operational and strategic objectives. (Read the whitepaper on “Integrated Planning” to learn more about aligning strategic and operational planning.)

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Leverage the Data Hiding in Departmental Silos

Jedox is a collaborative platform for enterprise planning, data analytics, and reporting. This helps align all departments and divisions to your corporate strategy and objectives. With Jedox, you can link financial targets to operational drivers and other day-to-day activities in each department. Business users can compare actual performance to plan data and drill down to the details to see ‘why’ it is happening. By combining performance monitoring with integrated business planning, your company stays agile and ready for action.

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Integrated Planning With Jedox Delivers:

  • Improved collaboration across the teams and entities in your organization

  • More accurate forecasts and what-if analytics

  • Faster insights to all stakeholders to align operational planning with strategic goals

  • Better, data-driven decisions based on high-level and detailed plan and actuals

  • Simpler planning that saves time and eliminates manual reconciliation

  • Greater process visibility and transparency that strengthens risk management

  • Single version of the truth backed by transparent methodologies and processes

  • Predictive analytics and planning (e.g. predictive revenue analysis), including integration of “R” language for statistical computing

Jedox: Best-in-Class Integrated Enterprise Planning Solutions

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Before we implemented Jedox across the enterprise, planning was done in a single department, so it was new for end users as we rolled it out. Thanks to Jedox’s ease of use, they quickly adapted and now we plan faster and more transparently. Each department is now engaged in the planning process.

Michael Bailey, Senior Manager Controlling, Sanofi
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“Jedox is a powerful, flexible tool that provides an optimal connection to our SAP system. Through our integrated planning application, we save a tremendous amount of time and see fast results.”

Gilles Studer, Head of Management Accounting, IBAarau
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“The integration of Jedox and Qlik allowed us to implement our ideal reporting environment for self-service data visualization, analysis, reporting, and planning – and this solution is flexible enough to accommodate change and growth in requirements.”

Michael Städtler, Business Intelligence Manager, Gruner

Deploy professional, integrated business processes for planning, analytics, and reporting with Jedox Models:

Jedox Models use tried-and-tested modeling techniques to ensure fast results. You can add and integrate further modules as needed to flexibly extend your planning application.

Jedox Models