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From the very first day of training, we empower attendees of all levels of experience to analyze data independently, immediately bringing the benefits of Jedox to your organization. Jedox Academy transforms users into data experts with our integrated, interactive, and dynamic training approach. Discover the full potential of Jedox now.

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Want to benefit from your Enterprise Performance Management project? Want to ensure easy​ implementation? Then you’ll want to be familiar with every function of the software solution. The Jedox Academy delivers the​ professional training you need to leverage Jedox solutions to the max.​ Jedox training courses are divided into four levels and are aimed at both beginners and advanced users.

Here is the curriculum​ according to the principle

  • Integrated: Jedox uses its own teaching materials, with courses focused on the user’s individual needs.
  • Interactive: Users interact with teaching materials designed for goal-driven studying, based on real world-oriented​ training.
  • Dynamic: Adapts to the individual knowledge level of the student.

If you know a solution inside out you will be able to meet any new challenge with enduring creativity. This is what Jedox Academy prepares you for.

Marion Seidenstücker – Head of Corporate and Subsidiary Controlling


Courses are cumulative, with each student able to choose a course matching their knowledge level. Even users without any​ previous knowledge of OLAP can take these courses and reap benefits. All content, demonstrations and exercises are taught in​ an easy-to-follow and structured way through standardized material. After the training, students can download detailed​ electronic documents.


Jedox Academy’s courses are aimed at participants from different divisions, different roles and skill levels.​ For clarification, every course is assigned a course number to illustrate the level and difficulty​.

  • 100 Courses of level 100 are role-specific, stand-alone courses and are not necessarily prerequisites for other courses.​ However, they may require specific previous knowledge.​
  • 200 Courses numbered at the 200 level are generally for participants with certain previous knowledge. Anyone can attend​ these training sessions. Normal prerequisites are basic knowledge of Excel.​
  • 300 Courses numbered at the 300 level are professional-level and normally taken by users with previous experience in​ Jedox or specialist course standing.​
  • 400 Courses numbered at the 400 level are expert-level. In most cases there is the expectation of previous experience with​ Jedox and professional course standing.​
  • 500 With the 500 level, the Jedox Academy offers focused topics around the solution-oriented use of Jedox. In most cases​ there is the expectation of previous experience with Jedox and professional course standing.

Learn more about the current Jedox Academy curriculum.