Analyst Report:

BARC Score Integrated Planning & Analytics 2021

Jedox in BARC The Planning Survey 2019

Analyst BARC names Jedox as Market Leader in global 2021 BARC Score Integrated Planning & Analytics

In this BARC Score, the analyst focuses on the market for integrated planning and analytics (IP&A) products and portfolios. They perceive the combination of these two topics of high importance for a growing number of companies. Vendors are independently rated based on countless data points from various BARC surveys and many analyst interactions. The criteria are ranging from portfolio capabilities and architecture to sales and marketing strategy, financial performance and customer feedback.

To be included in the BARC Score for IP&A, vendors have to offer functionality for planning (including write-back of planning data to a central data base and other advanced planning features such as workflows, forecasting and simulation). Also, the solutions have to offer additional functionalites for all four of the following analytics technologies in a solution not merely focused on one industry or use case

  • Formatted reporting
  • Ad hoc query and reporting
  • Analysis
  • Dashboards

For details on the evaluation of Jedox and other vendors, download the report below.


  • Independent analyst evaluation of 13 vendors

  • Detailed description of inclusion and evaluation criteria

  • Based on global research and reach

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