Quantum Analytics AG

Quantum. The Story Behind The Numbers.

Quantum is a data science and analytics company, located at Technopark in Zurich. We help clients to identify their most valuable customers, products, or services; determine potential risks; discover hidden potential in their markets; pinpoint and eliminate bottlenecks and inefficiencies; and provide other insights to steer their business. We do this by combining business experience and knowledge with the application, implementation and teaching of scientific methods of data analysis, data management, reporting and modern visualisation to turn data into information.

Why Quantum

Over the years, Quantum has helped customers from a variety of industries to reinvent their business in digital terms and to exploit the potential of data analytics, by building data science platforms with them, training their workforce, helping reshape their processes and creating a successful analytics strategy.

Through it all, Quantum leverages experience in both corporate management and innovative applied data analytics to offer guidance and assistance in selecting the right elements and creating a roadmap customized to your needs. And we are there to support and monitor its implementation and, even more importantly, evaluate performance improvement and impact.