HICO-Group is the leading data collaboration company.

HICO-Group’s BI experts and data management consultants design, implement and integrate 4th generation business intelligence controlling systems across industries and functions. In partnership with the market leading software manufacturers of JEDOX®, QLIK®, MICROSOFT® (POWER BI®) and TimeXtender®, the internal value creation processes are improved significantly. With ROKS®, the Results-Orientated KPI System, the success-relevant KPIs are derived from the corporate strategies, processed with best-in-class planning, analysis tools, output with maximum transparencies and quick comprehensible visualizations according to IBCS® standards (International Business Communication Standards). These data are the foundation for previously unattainable valid decision bases for management in the present and the future.

HICO Group’s headquarters are in Zurich, Switzerland with subsidiaries and offices across Germany, Singapore and their own Software Development teams in India.

TRUECHART is a 4th generation BI software extension – powered by HICO-Group. HICO-Group offers TRUECHART, a scalable and modular cross-platform business intelligence tool that optimizes data collaboration processes and the visualization of controlling data in IBCS format in individual dashboards. TRUECHART integrates into QLIK®, Microsoft® (PowerBI and Excel), JEDOX® and via its API into other ERP systems. Our brandnew software KPI Chats allows users to collaborate data point-related, intuitively and in real-time. This enhances decision processes by keeping all information inside the BI system while being able to filter on different business scenarios. And it combines dataspaces with infospaces and therefore adding value to shared analysis.

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