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Most companies have implemented an ERP to support their business processes. The advantage of an ERP is that it is standard, but the disadvantage is that it is standard! We truly believe an ERP can not excel in all niches as an ERP is a transaction oriented solution and therefor can not execute a complex planning. Or in many niches many point solutions outperform an ERP such as in the area of Business Intelligence.

At DDC we deliver approximately 50% of our services in the area of ERP’s, whether that is SAP consulting, Data Management, or Project Management; we have it!

In addition to our ERP business we have specialised in areas ERP’s fall short, such as Business Intelligence with Qlik and Complex Planning solutions with ICRON.


  • Senior consultants with extensive experience
  • In-depth business expertise in a diversity of industries, including line-functions
  • Broad deployment skills in existing IT landscape
  • Integrated approach to proces, organisation, human resource and ICT

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