APACCON Unternehmensberatungs-GmbH

Our mission is to be a fitness coach for companies. We support our clients in launching and developing their controlling, introducing systems, and optimizing their processes. Thanks to our extensive experience in controlling across different industries, we are able to understand, structure and implement the needs and requirements of our clients in Jedox. We rely on good preparation, well-selected project teams, and, of course, ongoing coordination with all stakeholders.

We know how to connect Jedox to various sources, such as accounting / ERP systems, cash register systems, voucher systems, or ERP systems – basically, we are able to link each system to Jedox directly (database access) or indirectly (export-import). As a basis for planning, reports, and analyses and with the aim of a uniform and valid database, we create multi-dimensional data models, in which all data flow uniformly – no matter what the data source looks like. For this purpose, we transform and structure master data and transaction data. Whether planning (driver-based, integrated), forecasts, financial reporting, operational reports, and key performance indicators or special requirements – we will find the optimal solution, satisfying your needs and supporting the development with our longtime controlling experience. In our view, it is very important to deliver clear reports that provide significant insights to the recipient in a standardized and comprehensible way. For this reason, clean, uniform, and clear report layouts are part of our service.

While introducing Jedox, we are always thinking one step ahead and taking future expansion steps into consideration when building the structures. We are obsessed with finding the optimal solution for you and meeting your needs even beyond standard requirements. Our aim is to make your company fitter for the future. That is why we want you to get fit in Jedox so you are able to work on further developments, change reports, or create new ones completely independently or with our support.

Our Services:

  • Product Presentation
  • Proof Of Concept
  • Start Workshop including Development/Finalization of Specifications and Schedule
  • Initial Introduction and Customization of Existing Systems
  • Data Modeling
  • Connection of Various Data Sources and Systems
  • Data Transformation
  • Report Construction
  • Planning
  • Graphics and Charts
  • Business Logic
  • Controlling Know-how
  • Project Management
  • Supporting In-house Developments
  • Needs-based Expert Support
  • Documentation

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