Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Integrate planning for accelerated processes, better analysis, and sound insights

A software solution for Integrated Business Planning (IBP) with a unified data foundation promotes collaboration and accelerates planning processes. With Jedox, many tasks can be automated. Plans, budgets, and forecasts can be created collaboratively, consistently, and more accurately across the organization.

Proactively managing business performance

Planning is the linchpin of future business success. Actuals are used to create plan and forecast data to achieve strategic goals. The questions are: What is good planning and how can it be achieved? How can organizations develop a value-oriented approach that’s also justifiable in terms of time and resources spent?

With Jedox’s unified planning solution, you automate and integrate your processes with a central, consistent, and up-to-date data foundation. This way, you ensure collaborative and faster processes in planning, budgeting and forecasting, and proactively manage business performance.