Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) Solution

Integrate S&OP processes with a unified solution for sales, operations, and finance

Volatile markets and changing demand have a direct impact on all operational functions and processes. With unified planning, forecasting and analysis across the organization, you can simplify complex processes, facilitate collaboration, and optimize value creation.

Unite and unify data sources across the organization for better S&OP

Since the dawn of digitalization, multiple software tools have been used by different departments that are involved in S&OP. This goes hand in hand with large amounts of data that are produced every day and, frequently, end up stuck in data silos. Gathering large quantities of inconsistent spreadsheets slows down your S&OP significantly. It creates a heavy burden of manual tasks for your highly skilled planners, preventing them from focusing on more strategic, value-added tasks.

Create a path for top talent to focus on strategic decisions and optimizing value creation by automating these manual tasks. Unified sales and operations planning provides the much-needed opportunity for a greater focus on strategic planning, process optimization, and better insights for S&OP.

Sales & Demand Planning
Production Planning
Procurement Planning

Jedox is an integral part of our performance management process. I can‘t imagine our sales department without it.

Christoph Lang – ERP-Projektleiter
allsafe GmbH & Co. KG

Sales and Demand Planning

Always up to speed in sales and demand planning

Accurate, efficient planning is key for successful business operations and realization of corporate strategy. Achieving growth targets, especially with ever-increasing market volatility is much easier with good planning. This specifically applies to sales planning, as it is the engine that drives revenue flowing into the organization.

While demand planning is important in every step throughout the supply chain and across departments, sales planning has to be closely aligned. Actuals and projected sales figures drive demand planning, which is directly connected to other planning processes such as capacity and procurement planning. Accurate and timely sales forecasts, incentive management, CRM integration for systems such as Salesforce and advanced sales analytics help create the foundation to counter uncertainty and improve resilience.

Learn how Jedox helps you achieve:

  • A single source of truth for consistent data across the organization
  • Linking demand data with supply figures, inventory, procurement and others
  • More accurate sales planning & forecasting

Sales leaders at allsafe built a dashboard for their representatives to access KPIs even on the go with the Jedox mobile app.

Jedox enables first-class results – fast. Generating standard reports in Word and PowerPoint is so much easier than before. We can build new reports in the Web in just a few minutes.

Dr. Uwe Fuhrmann – Leiter Yield Management
B. Braun Avitum Saxonia GmbH

Production Planning

Increase accuracy in workforce and machine capacity planning

In times of global acceleration and uncertainty, reliable insights are key. It is vital to know how much you can supply in a defined time frame. How many people do you need to achieve your goals? A big part of supply planning is capacity and workforce planning. What do you do when there is a sudden spike in demand? Are you able to react quickly and adjust plans to avoid downtime and align with sales and other departments in the organization?

With Jedox, you can plan and monitor: