Seamless Planning with Your Qlik System

Jedox Brings Enterprise Budgeting & Forecasting to Your Existing Qlik Sense® and QlikView® Solutions

Keep Your Data Visualization Solution & Add Enterprise-Class Features for Planning

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Integrated Solution for Enterprise Performance Management

When you search for writeback, what-if scenarios, and enterprise-level Integrated Business Planning for Qlik, now you have the answer. Jedox is a very natural extension for Qlik to support you with:

  • Sophisticated planning features – without system discontinuities
  • Provides enterprise-class performance and governance
  • Built for end-user self-service with limited support needed from IT
  • Offers structured hierarchies for financial planning and analysis
  • Unified access from web, mobile and desktop

Leverage your Analytics Investment

Jedox gives you seamless integration with Qlik so that everyone in the company benefits from freedom and flexibility when it comes to analyzing planning data. Users create planning models and capture planning data with Jedox. They visualize and analyze data in Qlik gaining new insights for more accurate forecasting and agile performance management. Whether you are planning, analyzing your data or creating your dashboard: You’ll always work in your Qlik environment and never leave the system you already know and love.

Demo Video: See Our Qlik Integration in Action

How to Extend Your Qlik System With Powerful Enterprise Planning

While Qlik is a leader in data discovery and makes it incredibly easy to create dashboards and visualize KPIs, Jedox offers data capture and write-back to the database as well as specific planning functionality such as easy top-down planning and driver-based bottom-up planning. You are using Qlik for data discovery and visual analytics and are looking for a natural extension for best-in-class enterprise planning? Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more about the benefits of integrating Jedox into Qlik. 

How to Extend Your Qlik System With Powerful Enterprise Planning
How to Extend Your Qlik System With Powerful Enterprise Planning

Powerful Frontend Integration

Connect your Qlik Solution to the Jedox in-memory database or extend your Qlik reports with the budgeting, forecasting and planning capabilities of Jedox. Business users can get a seamless user experience by using Jedox within Qlik and Qlik within Jedox.

Create your integrated Best of breed platform for analytics and performance management in record  time.

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“The integration of Jedox and Qlik allowed us to implement our ideal reporting environment for self-service data visualization, analysis, reporting, and planning – and this solution is flexible enough to accommodate change and growth in requirements.“
Michael Städtler, Business Intelligence Manager, Gruner Group
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“The new solution is very popular – our employees find it very intuitive and user-friendly.”
Simon Hopkins, IT Manager, Pernod Ricard
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“Jedox is a great partner in helping customers improve their enterprise planning by maximizing the value of data-driven insights from Qlik through a seamless integration with our Qlik Sense APIs (…) We look forward to the Jedox team showcasing the power of analytics to impact unified plans and budgets that deliver transformative value to customers.”
Drew Clark, Senior Vice President – Office of Strategy Management, Qlik
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