Effective procurement is critical to staying up-to-date with supplier capacity, managing demand, controlling cash flow and cost, while maintaining quality. But how do you demonstrate your savings on the bottom line?

Leaner processes

To streamline procurement planning and execution, you need transparent and timely data. Using Excel to manage spending and combine data from systems and departments creates Excel-hell. Instead of efficiently balancing quotas from suppliers and matching demand across buying centers, Excel-hell magnifies business risk. Low transparency undermines procurement’s role in promoting fair and open competition, and increases exposure to fraud and collusion.

Jedox + Procurement = Insight

Jedox provides powerful in-memory performance through a user-friendly interface. With Jedox, you eliminate Excel’s drawbacks, but still leverage your Excel skills to optimize procurement without being dependent on other departments. Jedox’s industry-leading implementation times means you drive business improvements along your supply chain today.

Increase visibility

Jedox reads from your ERP and any other transactional source to bring development, financial, production and sales data together into KPIs. Combine quantitative output from supply analytics and market intelligence, with qualitative data from stakeholders.

Compare supplier capacity and quotas to real-time demand. Use Jedox’s intuitive ranking, filtering and dashboards to identify overspend and non-compliant transactions against existing agreements. Jedox provides flexible front-ends – directly through Excel, on the web and any mobile device – so you quickly optimize your existing business processes by leveraging your existing skills.

Plan and analyze collaboratively

Jedox includes a powerful planning workbench with statistical forecasting methods, empowering you to rapidly develop detailed spend plans and predict spending amounts and patterns over time.

Create and share your own entry templates to allow managers to directly enter spend projections and orders for every buying-location and department through Jedox. Jedox rules engine enables you to consider currency effects and adjust your planning interactivity, for better visibility, decisions, and accuracy. Compare forecast savings with actual transactions. Easy workflows mean you can keep track of activity across the most complex procurement processes, on a global scale.

Find profit in procurement

Jedox’s high-performance multidimensional analytical engine enables flexible aggregation over high data volumes by any criteria, from article and material fields, to suppliers, departments, and purchasers. Achieve meaningful benchmarks in seconds. Use insight to create incentives to improve supplier performance that drives cost-savings for you and your suppliers.

Jedox’s flexible modelling empowers you to manage complex contracts and agreements independently and adjust these without burdening IT. Run simulations and test assumptions on the impact of changing agreements. Jedox is easy to use and scales from a single user, to the entire enterprise. Use Jedox on-premise or in the cloud for quick payback with a small investment that delivers ongoing dividends.

Procurement Solutions:

Effective procurement


Minimize costs

Integrate diverse corporate information sources. Compare local and international department data through Jedox in real-time, enabling you to optimize purchasing negotiations through instant price and supplier analysis.


Optimize orders

Know your demand now and in the future by linking production and purchase planning and sales forecasts. Jedox keeps you up-to-date on supplier capacity. Gain access anywhere with rich usability on mobile devices.


Supplier Analytics

Use supplier analysis to decide which orders to allocate to which suppliers based on accuracy, punctuality and error rate. Systematically report with trusted metrics following industry best practices to analyze aggregated ordering demand.


Act global

Jedox enables faster planning cycles, model outcomes and run what-if scenarios to balance global and local demand, manage currency fluctuations and optimize costs through international procurement.



Collaborate effectively

Increase productivity, eliminate risk, and accelerate order processing – Jedox streamlines collaborative processes and makes it easy for you to capture quantitative and qualitative data from any department and present this in clear and easy to understand dashboards.


Procure with a global-leader

More than 100,000 users in over 120 countries rely on Jedox. Airbus, Allianz, Bobcat, BP, and Mercedes-Benz trust Jedox. Invest in a solution that delivers repeated payback.

  • “Making smarter decisions through more transparency, across multiple data sources in your business.”
    2k Business Intelligence Solutions - Jedox partner for procurement solutions
  • “The Jedox BI solution perfectly implements our clear-cut procurement strategy. Today, central coordination and consolidation in global purchase planning runs fast, efficiently and transparently.”
    Oliver Lawrenz, ABB Group, Vice President Supply Chain Management, System Solutions
  • “We can plan weekly, report monthly and analyse daily straight from Jedox. The team plan stock levels, purchases and margins with key indicators like stockturn instantly available, at any product level, for any time period.”
    Rob Pistritto, Commercial Manager, Mitre10