What is Jedox?

Jedox, a cloud-based Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution, helps companies in improving their value creation

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Jedox is a Enterprise Performance Management software solution for planning, analysis, reporting and optimization of value creation processes. Whether finance, sales, human resources, marketing or procurement – all business units get a shared view on all relevant financial and operational data. On this basis, they can collaboratively create strategic and operational plans and continuously measure, monitor and improve their realization.

What does Jedox do?

We help companies optimize their value creation.

Planning, analysis and reporting go hand in hand: To achieve goals, you need plans. To implement plans, you need to know your current situation. If it deviates from the plan, you have to analyze how the goal can still be achieved. This sounds simple, but in reality it is often associated with time-consuming and error-prone processes in which information from Excel, PDF files, paper reports, pivot tables and various operational systems is manually combined. Jedox offers an integrated solution for planning, analysis and reporting. This enables you to measure, analyze and plan your own efficiency and effectiveness – differentiated by business areas, departments and market segments – in the form of key figures and KPIs.

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Avoid spreadsheet chaos without losing the advantages of Excel

Redundant data, manual processes and resulting errors are typical reasons why EPM software manufacturers have been trying to replace Excel-based individual solutions with dedicated planning tools for over 20 years. Nevertheless, about 80% of companies still use Excel for their planning today.

The reasons for this are manifold: Excel is flexible, suitable for business users and you get “fast” results. Jedox offers a solution that does not replace Excel, but rather complements it. Jedox’s central In-Memory Database and optional access via Excel, web and mobile devices eliminate spreadsheet chaos without losing the advantages of Excel.

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Optimize value creation across the organization

Efficient enterprise management means much more than planning, analysis and reporting of only the financial data. A EPM solution that focuses on supporting the finance department is therefore insufficient.

By linking the data stream from operational processes of all business units, such as sales, marketing, procurement or HR, a holistic perspective can be achieved and optimized throughout the company. Jedox provides the necessary flexibility and scalability to achieve this. Turn your FP&A (Financial Planning & Analysis) tool into a future-proof and cross-departmental xP&A solution.

Combining solutions flexibly

Standardization and customization are often contradictory: On the one hand, the individuality of business models creates competitive advantages which is why it needs to be reflected in a solution for enterprise management. On the other hand, it is efficient to profit from general or industry-specific best practices instead of reinventing the wheel repeatedly.

The flexibility of Jedox allows for a seamless integration of models from Jedox and partners into the standardized solution. Use standards where they suit you and focus on customization where it makes sense.

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Make the most of your data

In the age of digitalization, more and more systems, products, customers and employees are delivering data that make business more measurable. To benefit from these treasure troves of data in enterprise management, you simply need to be able to integrate the data into your EPM solution, prepare it, structure it and make it comparable.

Jedox natively supports the seamless integration of data and processes of different systems. Make sure that you also benefit from future data sources and avoid the cost-intensive use of external data integration tools.

AIssisted™ Planning: Your helping hand

A customized planning, analysis and reporting system, with information from various relevant internal and external data sources, is a solid foundation to leverage previously undreamt-of business possibilities. Innovative methods such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) support meeting these goals.

Jedox supports your organization in automating time-consuming and error-prone manual processes, e.g. in modeling or data preparation. With Jedox AIssisted Planning you can increase the accuracy of your forecasts and more.  

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Create a solution built on incremental results to achieve your vision

To optimize value creation within your organization, you’ll need a vision. To realize this vision, change is necessary. For successful change management you should:

1) Ensure you don’t overburden your organization during the transformation, and

2) not lose sight of the goal in order to achieve it in a timely manner. The Jedox philosophy is “Think Big – Start Small – Execute Quickly” and provides a manageable approach to implementation.

The flexibility of the Jedox solution in combination with ready-made best practices and the resulting high implementation speed supports your organization at every level of maturity. From a quick conversion of an inefficient spreadsheet solution into improved financial planning and analysis (FP&A automation), to the establishment of integrated cross-departmental corporate planning (FP&A integration) and then to dynamic, continuous performance management extended across the organization for extended planning and analysis (xP&A Digital Transformation).

How does Jedox work?

An integrated and flexible approach to consolidate, plan, and forecast

Jedox structures and links data from various sources and combines them in a unified planning, reporting and analysis platform. The resulting unified representation of your company’s data and its value-added processes enables you to analyze interdependencies more precisely and to predict future developments more accurately. Planning alternatives can also be better assessed and compared.

  • Jedox Integrator

    The merging of data is done with the Jedox integrator. It gathers data from various sources, such as the financial accounting, ERP or CRM systems, any cloud solutions, or even simple Excel or text files and makes them comparable.

  • Jedox In-Memory Database (OLAP)

    The information is stored in the Jedox In-Memory database (OLAP). Its powerful aggregation and allocation functionalities in combination with the highly flexible modeling options allow for the representation of any business logic such as top-down, bottom-up or driver-based and even AI-supported planning.

  • Jedox Excel Add-in, Web and Mobile

    The user interaction with the data takes place via the Jedox Web, Excel and Mobile interfaces. By working with the system in an Excel-like manner, analysts and planners can draw on existing know-how to create individual performance management solutions.

  • Jedox Marketplace

    Built on the unrivaled flexibility of the Jedox platform, ready-made solutions are available from both Jedox and its partners. These models, which are available in the Jedox Marketplace, allow fast results to meet a variety of business needs, such as integrated corporate planning, group consolidation or to support industry or department-specific topics. They are based on best practices and can be easily extended with additional functionalities.

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