Planning sales territories and sales quotas

Planning sales territories and quotas

To implement your sales strategy, you need a robust territory and quota management solution that actually works. Planning territories and quotas while keeping track of them can be a Herculean task, especially in companies with complex sales structures. Find out how Jedox can help here.

Data-driven, transparent planning and adjustments

Territory plans and sales quotas (T&Q) are crucial for sales strategy implementation. Sales staff motivation and their success heavily depend on them. For the increasingly complex, multidimensional territory plans, sales controllers relying solely on Excel become quickly time-strapped.

Simplification of quota assignments, prompt quota adjustments to new developments are the prerequisite for long-term survival on the market. To this end, actual, planned, and forecast data must be always available and comparable with the ability to identify deviations and capacity bottlenecks. To make this possible, software support is indispensable, which combines all relevant data and goes beyond the possibilities of Excel.

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The planning possibilities with Jedox are endless. We don‘t know how we ever managed without it!

Marion Seidenstücker – Head of Central Group Controlling

Integrate territory and quota planning and management

To best tailor sales territories and set realistic quotas, all available data should be centrally located and linked. Jedox offers a lightning-fast database as a scalable, single source of truth. It amplifies your ability to ideally tap into identified market potential. Data from Salesforce and other source systems are automatically integrated via out-of-the-box interfaces.

Creating territory plans and sales quotas per team and employee is supported by Jedox in both bottom-up, top-down, and driver-based planning. Automated forecasts allow proactive adjustments of territory allocation and assigned quotas, leading to more sales, faster growth, better competition, and more motivated employees. With direct integration into Salesforce and other CRM solutions, business users transfer and plan their data directly in their familiar environment.

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