Sales Forecasting

With automated forecasts to proactive sales performance management

If you associate the word forecasting with time-consuming processes, we have good news. It’s hard to imagine today’s day-to-day business without the management tool. Jedox offers you a solution to automate forecasts or to create them ad-hoc in a few minutes.

Prevent sandbagging and hockey stick effects

In many companies, forecasting in sales is implemented on an Excel basis or with the help of specialized isolated solutions. Data preparation is laborious. The same applies to forecasting data collection and reporting. No wonder forecasting has a bad rap. In addition, the large amount of work often means that quality and accuracy suffer.

Undetected sandbagging and hockey stick effects in the estimates and commitments of sales staff are the result. Deal closings are either held back (pessimistic forecasts), or there is too much optimism about closings towards the end of a period (overoptimistic forecasts).

Regular realistic forecasts are crucial to know your current status. Are the defined plans and goals being achieved? And if not, where is the problem? Management also repeatedly asks for forecasts, and often not just one, but several for best-case, worst-case and most likely scenarios. So, what to do?

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With Jedox, we always know the status of our sales projects and can respond with targeted, timely actions.

Thomas Kremer – Head Sales Controlling
Zimmer Germany

Accelerate sales forecasting through automation and AI

With intuitive wizards for AI use, Jedox opens the door to artificial intelligence for business users. With Jedox AIssisted™ Planning, you can create forecasts that map multiple scenarios at once in no time. This way, you always know where you are in comparison to plan and what influence current developments have.

A benchmark to validate the estimates made by the sales department is also possible without much effort. Thanks to Jedox’s integrated versioning, any number of forecasts can be generated and compared. Proactively uncover necessary budget or quota adjustments instead of just reacting or being caught unawares.

Data integration runs automatically with Jedox via a variety of interfaces, e.g., to Salesforce. Manual data entry can be conveniently managed through workflows. This ensures better collaboration with less administrative work for everyone. Focus on revenue growth instead of manual data collection and consolidation.

Discover our prebuilt solution for sales planning

Sales Planning

A core solution to simplify planning and forecasting for sales. Use driver-based, bottom-up or top-down planning approaches and enable faster, more accurate forecasting.

Get better forecasts faster with automation and AI

Automate your forecasting with Jedox and leverage the power of AI to prepare for all scenarios.

Forecasts at the push of a button

Once the data integration is set up in Jedox, you can regularly create forecasts automatically or at the push of a button. This way, you always know where you are.