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Unlocking The Future of FP&A

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How FP&A can drive the right strategic choices in the company

In this eBook by the Business Partnering Institute & FP&A expert Anders Liu-Lindberg, you’ll learn how the CFO can transform FP&A to significantly increase the ROI of the department. It also provides a guide for FP&A professionals to help them understand why a transformation is needed, how it should be done, and what happens next.

Learn how to accelerate your finance transformation with the four key pillars for the transformation of mindset, technology, people, and process and take notes in the workbook pages included to help document your journey as you progress. Discover how to develop a strategic mindset to drive the finance transformation and unlock the future of FP&A.

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Unlock the value potential of the finance function:

  • Gain a holistic approach to transform FP&A

  • Impact the strategic direction of the company

  • Build lasting relationships for better business partnering

  • Start the five step FP&A transformation plan

Download your guide to unlocking the future of FP&A for your organization and drive the right strategic choices with your team.