Reporting and Analysis

Automate reporting to focus on analysis

Reporting traditionally takes up a lot of time in finance. In addition to the reports that come in every month, there are often ad hoc requests from other business functions or management. Jedox simplifies reporting through self-service and automation, creating more time for valuable analysis.

Simplified reporting and timely analysis

Collecting and validating data can be time-consuming and stress-inducing. Excel spreadsheets pile up in your inbox and have to be manually consolidated by month’s end. As a result, last month’s reports are often not ready until the middle or end of the following month. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to react promptly to deviations. Data quality also suffers with manual processes, resulting in inaccurate reports and analyses.

Ready to spend less time on monthly reporting? The first step of creating a common data basis (a single source of truth) for the data and figures of the entire organization opens that door. No more waiting. No more loops of checking back constantly. No more labor-intensive, manual merging of data. What’s more, many of the repetitive tasks of reporting can be automated.

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Jedox simplifies reporting and helps us manage the performance of multiple sales points in much less time.

Thomas Mosimann – CFO
McDonald’s Switzerland

Database, self-service reporting, and analytics all in one

Create a unified data foundation for reporting and analysis across the organization with Jedox. Business departments either enter their data directly into Jedox on their own, or you collect it using once-defined, uniform templates. Business users easily create ad-hoc reports themselves thanks to the intuitive user interface. Different user roles help ensure that everyone sees exactly the data they need.

Month-end reporting can be largely automated, aligning with standards such as IBCS. As a result, you as a finance professional have more time for value-creating analyses to give data-driven recommendations for action. This allows for speedy secondary calculations and faster reactions to deviations. With Jedox, you can easily integrate data from different systems to process and present it in Power BI or PowerPoint, for example. Thanks to Jedox Web and Mobile, all information is available anytime anywhere.

More time for analysis with automated standard reporting