Jedox for Finance Professionals

A unified and consistent solution for financial planning and analysis

From planning and budgeting to reporting, analysis and forecasting, Jedox brings it all together with one flexible solution. Unify business data in a single source of truth, automate repetitive processes, and let artificial intelligence increase your accuracy. Free up time for deeper, more strategic analyses to help improve long-term business performance.

Automate repetitive processes, improve collaboration, and leverage AI

Finance and other data professionals are far too often limited by tedious manual tasks. Time that could be better invested in more informed, value-added strategy and analytics. Collecting data from different places in the organization, merging it and, above all, making it comparable is very time-consuming. What’s more, the manual work means that errors will undoubtedly creep in.

Jedox automates data integration through interfaces that connect to your source systems and workflows that allow data entry directly from stakeholders via the solution. The effects on the overall performance are directly visible and errors reduced. Reporting and forecasting can also be automated. Additionally, thanks to a common, uniform, and consistent database, ad hoc reports can be created in no time, data can be analyzed, and scenario planning can progress.

Insights & Accurate Data

We replaced Excel with integrated planning and reporting through Jedox in a few weeks. Our specialist departments plan independently on the web. My team is able to focus on profitable growth.

Michael Bailey – Senior Manager Controlling

Working more efficiently

Automation instead of spreadsheet chaos

If your inbox is regularly overflowing with spreadsheets containing data exports or data entered by hand, you know the problem well: tedious, labor-intensive, and repetitive processes that are error prone. Templates must be created, distributed, and collected, and the most time-consuming task of validation and consolidation hasn’t even happened yet.

With Jedox, you integrate data automatically to create a single source of truth. This accelerates planning, reporting, and forecasting. You quickly deliver reliable and accurate information to your stakeholders.

How Jedox automates tasks:

  • Interfaces read and write data back and forth automatically
  • Once defined, reports and forecasts are ready with just a click
  • Pre-built models and workflows speed up planning
  • AI boosts the value of your data and increases forecast accuracy

The Jedox planning solution has saved both Corporate Finance and local offices significant manhours of manual number-crunching.

Carl-Christian Eckert – Corporate Controller
Daetwyler Cabling Solutions

Improve collaboration

Improve collaboration and coordination with enterprise-wide planning

In the age of digitalization, modern technology has developed a solution for countless business challenges. All of these new tools regularly lead to data silos being inadvertently created because the big picture was not considered during implementation. Data experts then have to rely on Excel exports or are even completely unaware of information that is available in other departments.

Jedox provides a unified view business performance as a single source of truth into which all data flows. By linking the data from the various departments, they are always connected. This means that if changes are made to data in one place, e.g., in a source system, the effects on key figures such as revenue and others are visible in another. Workflows help with coordination and structure processes. Everyone is then able to work with one version of the truth.