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Harness the Power of AI and Predictive Analytics for FP&A

The digital enterprise relies on new skills and processes in finance. The CFO needs to fill a more strategic role where Financial Planning and Analysis delivers insights and future direction for decision-support and -automation across the entire business. This means large data sets that live inside and outside of the organization have to be turned into information quickly. There is a pressing need to integrate disparate systems, tap into relevant external sources and analyze data with high-speed. Artificial Intelligence thrives on massive data. By harnessing the power of AI, Finance can increase the speed and quality of forecasting, develop new insights and recommendations for performance management, identify key business drivers, and help the business become more agile.

Add AI to your FP&A Toolbox and become a Strategic Business Partner

Rise to new heights with artificial intelligence. AI can help you work through massive data and discover new insights – all with highly scalable cloud computing power. Meet AIssisted™ Planning, the AI engine embedded in the Jedox Enterprise Performance Management platform. Financial Planning and Analysis becomes faster and goes further through the power of Jedox AI.

How AI and Predictive Analytics enable Next Generation Digital Finance

  • Reduce the time spent on forecasting

  • Increase the quality and granularity of forecasts

  • Strengthen Integrated Planning

  • Become more agile in fast-changing markets

  • Identify performance drivers

  • Predict business outcomes

  • Develop action plans

  • Optimize for best business results

AI and Machine Learning are driving the Digital Transformation

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AIssisted™ Planning

The Embedded Jedox AI Engine Assists Finance and the Business Functions with Smart Decision-Support and Automation

Data Preparation

For AI and machine learning it is essential to bring all your data together. Whether it comes from CRM, ERP, HR, and other internal systems, or you want to add relevant external data sources – in the cloud or on-premises – with powerful data integration and preparation including mapping, cleansing, and interpolation the Jedox datahub has you covered.

AIssisted™ Planning Factsheet

Predictive Forecast

Predict the future of your business with advanced analytics for time-series data and utilize AI and machine learning algorithms that identify performance drivers. Simplify forecasting with the best prediction plus upper and lower limits as a baseline for planning. Improve granularity and add internal and external drivers to further improve quality, run scenarios, or automate forecasting processes.

Performance Management

Find patterns, analyze trends and discover new insight and foresight. AI and machine learning algorithms for feature selection, classification, clustering or segmentation help you develop decision-support tools and recommendations across a wide range of topics such as customer loyalty, product demand planning, sales performance management and many more.

Jamie Cousin Servicemaster 500x500

“Using AI, we have gained quicker insights with a higher confidence into relevant customer features – not only looking at financial measures but also looking at customers from an HR perspective or a marketing perspective. With faster predictions we can utilize the results that much quicker to determine any changes to our business processes, make those changes, and begin to see results even faster yet.”

Jamie Cousin, FP&A Manager, ServiceMaster
Sascha Geng Mitsui
“With Jedox AIssisted™ Planning, we can plan at a level of detail that was not possible before. With the AI engine, we can achieve very accurate forecast values and also see a lot of potential for further optimization and automation”
Sascha Geng, Director Performance Controlling, Mitsui Chemicals Europe
Carmona David General Manager Ai Microsoft

“We believe for AI to truly unfold its transformational power it needs to sit right at the heart of an organisation’s operations – and that means embedding AI capabilities where they can be used by your key business applications. That’s why we’re excited to be working closely with Gold Azure Cloud partner Jedox who supports the Office of Finance and other business functions in harnessing AI for decision-support and automation across its Enterprise Performance Management solutions.”

David Carmona, General Manager of Artificial Intelligence , Microsoft
Kevin Kennedy Servicemaster 500x500

“Jedox gives a clearer, easier path to get started with AI instead of having to work from the ground up and needing specialized data scientists or developers on your staff. We have the ability to feed a dataset to the Jedox AI engine and then the ‘magic’ happens accessing pre-built algorithms based on industry-standard AI libraries. With Jedox, the finance department gains a direct solution pathway to information that it could not access before.”

Kevin Kennedy, Business Systems Manager, Terminix, a ServiceMaster Brand

What is AI?

The CFO’s Quick Guide to Artificial Intelligence

CFOs need to prepare for a new era where people and intelligent machines are working together towards a common goal. Data is the new currency, and businesses need to analyze data from multiple sources in real-time. Artificial Intelligence (AI) thrives on massive data. The Office of the CFO can leverage AI for more quality and automation in forecasting, new insights and recommendations for performance management, and to identify key drivers for simulating the future of the business.

What is AI

Source: McKinsey & Company, An executive’s guide to AI,  2018

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