With version 2021.1, Jedox has advanced its cloud data service, making it even faster for sales teams to access live Jedox data for forecasting and account planning in Salesforce. In this blog post, we’ll cover how different sales roles can benefit from real-time forecasting and integrated planning through the seamless integration of Jedox EPM and Salesforce CRM.

If you are a Salesforce data expert, you need to make sure that every sales role has the data they need to do their job well: Sales leaders need to keep track of progress against targets. They also want the most up-to-date and accurate sales forecast so they can manage sales performance effectively. Account managers need all customer information in one place to build lasting relationships and grow their deals.

Collaborative Forecasts with Multiple Data Sources

Vital information such as your sales forecast is ideally fed by multiple data sources and involves a collaborative forecasting process with a team of people. Jedox enables collaborative forecasting and automatically builds sales forecast scenarios from multiple sources including Salesforce but also your ERP system and other internal and external data sources. Using predictive analytics and machine learning, Jedox is used to prepare and clean the input for driver-based forecasts and continuously update these forecasts. Jedox is also the central repository for strategic, financial and operational planning across all business functions. In short, there is a lot of valuable data available in Jedox that can help sales functions to be more efficient and effective at their job.

Get Live Jedox Forecasting and Planning Data in Salesforce CRM

The latest version of Jedox OData Hub enables faster access to Jedox data within Salesforce. This means Salesforce data experts can share live Jedox forecasting and planning datasets with all Salesforce users and add them to their dashboards, views and reports. Jedox data is updated and refreshed within Salesforce, so sales can:

  • get the latest sales forecasts based on data from multiple sources
  • track performance against sales targets and budgets and
  • get additional account information for a 360 view of your customer.
Get the latest Jedox data in Salesforce animation

Get the latest Jedox data in Salesforce

New Flat API in Jedox OData Hub

Enrich your Salesforce reports with Jedox data

Jedox Planning for Salesforce subscription now includes Jedox OData Hub, a data service that gives Salesforce developers and admins access to Jedox data within Salesforce using the Salesforce Connect OData 4.0 Adapter. The new Flat API presents Jedox multi-dimensional data in a flat table-like format, which makes processing in Salesforce fast and simple.  This means Jedox becomes a rich data source for Salesforce reports, where Jedox data can be freely sorted and grouped. In addition to Salesforce, the native query of Jedox data through OData Hub is also available for BI and analytics applications such as Tableau.


Learn more about Jedox Planning for Salesforce here or see the technical details how to set up Jedox ODataHub connection with Salesforce Connect OData 4.0 Adapter. For a complete overview of new features, optimizations and improvements in Jedox version 2021.1 visit the Release Notes page in Jedox Knowledgebase.