Session 2 – The Profit and Loss Model: Further Configuration
Lesson 3: ACME – Configuration: Time configuration, Chart of accounts – Data preparation

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What will you learn:

  • Using the Modeler

  • Preparing chart of accounts data for import

  • Importing chart of accounts data

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In this session of the Jedox Online Course, which focuses on the Models, you’ll see how to fill a model with your own data. It’s the Profit and Loss Model in this case, but you would follow the same steps for any other Jedox Model, as Sabrina and Thomas will show you. This lesson refers you back to the previous session with regard to configuring your time dimension, but then it goes into how to prepare your data and upload it for your chart of accounts. You start off in the PnL Account dimension in the Modeler, where you first delete certain unnecessary data. You can use an existing report, for example, to help you set up your structure. Using the sample data downloaded in the previous lesson, you will see how to use this data as a template for your own data including the necessary syntax, this time in the PnL Account sheet, and then upload it to the system.

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    The Models

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    14:47 min
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  • Speaker

    Thomas Arampatzis
    Sabrina Sebens

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Get familiar with Jedox as a platform by watching our Platform Basics course, where you can learn how to create ad-hoc reports, customized reports, and set up data models among other things. Don’t forget that you can try out Jedox for yourself for free with a 14-day Cloud trial or for 30 days with a standard trial, and check out the Jedox Blog for some great practical examples and our user documentation resource at the Jedox Knowledge Base.

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