Jedox for Sales Operations

Embrace one solution for all sales planning requirements

Have you reached your sales targets? Have you optimized your sales territories and quotas? Does your pipeline meet expectations? Can you make sure sales compensations models align with strategic goals? With Jedox, you can unite all data and information in one platform for planning, reporting, analysis, and sales forecasting. Keep an eye on performance and always have an answer to urgent questions.

Actively manage sales performance and uncover optimization potential

Budget planning is time-consuming. Management sets ambitious goals and sales teams have to figure out how best to achieve them. The result? Multiple loops with various Excel spreadsheets and data merged from different systems. Market segments, sales territories, and quotas must be defined and staked out for regions and teams. Excel and isolated applications lead to a lengthy process.

With Jedox, you can create a single source of truth in which all operational and sales data can be integrated automatically. It unifies planning and target-setting processes, for which Jedox provides ready-made models and features. See the effects of new data on the overall picture directly, quickly access analyses, and make recommendations for action, such as adjusting quotas, territories or targets. Reports on actual, planned, and forecast data can be generated quickly, either automatically or at the touch of a button.

Accelerate processes
Collaborate better
Leverage AI

With Jedox, we always know the status of our sales projects and can respond with targeted, timely actions.

Thomas Kremer – Head Sales Controlling
Zimmer Germany GmbH

Automate processes

Accelerate sales controlling and reporting with automation

Countless spreadsheets in your inbox and multiple loops in budgeting are standard for many sales teams. Data exports from CRM quickly become outdated and manual entries in Excel are error-prone, not to mention mistakenly overwritten data.

Jedox offers automatic data integration into a single source of truth. Your information is always up-to-date and consistent in one place instead of in multiple spreadsheets, speeding up budgeting, reporting, and forecasting. Report requests can be fulfilled directly at the push of a button or retrieved by the departments themselves.

How Jedox automates sales controlling tasks:

  • Automatically read data from CRM and write it back

  • Automated reports and alerts

  • Modern forecast and AI capabilities

  • Pre-built models and workflows for more structure and clarity

The way we used to create cycle books was very time consuming. With Jedox, the process is automated and only takes ten minutes. We also use the software to make customer segmentations that address country-specific requirements. Implementing Jedox was very fast. We even can adapt and develop the solution further on our own.

Stefan Thaler – CRM Manager
EVER Nuero Pharma

Better collaboration

Make enterprise-wide sales planning more collaborative

Global companies with multiple location must align their sales goals and actual performance. Data should constantly convert into information and insights for planning and forecasting. Excel spreadsheets are often the tool of choice for this. However, they are not particularly suitable for real collaboration.

Jedox solves this problem with ready-made and flexibly adaptable workflows. Sales offices are notified by mail and can enter their data directly into Jedox, thereby eliminating the tedious and time-consuming merging of data. You can jump right into the analysis and react quickly in case of discrepancies. If desired, also directly in Salesforce and other systems.