Jedox for workforce planning

Strategically align, integrate and accelerate workforce planning

To help achieve your growth goals, workforce planning should be closely aligned with business strategy. All departments benefit from linking relevant data. Increasing efficiency in workforce planning supports creating strategic added value in overall planning.

Integrated personnel planning for greater transparency

With demographic changes and diversification of work models, HR analysis and planning are steadily gaining in importance. Data such as personnel structure, running costs, and productivity should always be accessible to realize opportunities to optimize processes. Many companies still rely on one or more isolated applications coupled with Excel.

In both centralized and decentralized planning, company-critical personnel data often circulates in Excel spreadsheets. The manual data processing results in a high expenditure of time and money. In addition, it is neither audit-proof nor integrated into corporate planning. The lack of integration quickly leads to inconsistent data sets causing confusion, errors, and additional work.

Jedox has created a foundation for strategic talks through high quality HR planning and fast access to personnel data.

Jörg Wendler – Director Workforce Management & HR Controlling

Identify relevant drivers and accelerate planning

A single source of truth for all enterprise data is the first step to more effective planning. Jedox provides a central database into which data flows automatically via interfaces. Intuitive workflows help with decentralized workforce planning by allowing you to query data automatically. Stakeholders in different departments and branches work with a consistent and central database.

Thanks to predefined logic models, data is standardized and can be directly compared. This saves you a lot of time on personnel planning. At the same time, Jedox gives you the flexibility to adapt the planning model to your specific business requirements – without changing the business logic. Process large amounts of data faster thanks to AI wizards and identify relevant drivers for your planning of FTE, HC, salaries, pensions, and many more.

Unified workforce planning for faster results and more visibility

Bring your workforce planning into the digital age with Jedox and uncover optimization potential.

Seamlessly integrate data

Integrate all relevant data with Jedox automatically from source systems and via workflows directly from stakeholders.

Accelerate workforce planning

Pre-built models speed up planning. Jedox also offers the flexibility of customized models.

Improve collaboration

Workflows and a common database for all promote collaboration across departments and branches.