About Us
UniVon is a journey to create a new dimension in Finance technology Services characterized by deep subject matter expertise, high quality rapid deployments, thus ensuring a quick and competitive ROI for our customers. UniVon’s quality insights, advisory and technology services enables deploy robust, automated and scalable finance technologies, realizing finance process, reporting and analytical efficiencies for customers, thereby building high trust and confidence with internal and external stakeholders.

Our Solutions
UniVon’s solutions provide accurate information and deep insights for finance and operational planning, cost and profitability management, strategic planning, forecasting, business scenario modelling, quality analytics and related disclosures. UniVon makes a difference through synergy of Finance and Evolving Technology by employing highly skilled and motivated finance resources, with a deep understanding of best technologies whose focus is to provide continuous value added services and enabling customer success. UniVon focus continuously and consciously to raise the bar, by closely monitoring quality of all of our services, through an active customer feedback mechanism. We invest heavily in innovation and learning, development of our resources.

We strategically collaborate with external experts and customer teams to ensure our clientele get the best of all worlds. UniVon’s EPM and analytics solution avoids silos and creates an integration between complimenting processes and systems to provide a seamless enterprise performance management and analytics experience. UniVon builds EPM systems to establish synergies between “Planning; Actual Performance; Cost & Profitability Analysis; Strategic Decision Making”. UniVon’s EPM solutions fit well within your organization, across subsidiaries, departments thus providing a unified EPM platform for analysis and decision making.

Partner Services

  • Advisory
  • Process Consulting & Implementation
  • Managed Services & Outsourcing
  • Training & Center of Excellence
  • Infrastructure
  • Health-Check
  • Digital Transformation Roadmap, Migration & Upgrades

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