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Jedox vs. Workday Adaptive Planning

Jedox is more adaptable than Workday Adaptive Planning

Jedox provides a powerful integrated business planning platform that integrates seamlessly with your ERP, CRM, and HCM provides. Jedox simplifies collaboration across the organization via a user-friendly Excel-like user interface.*

*BARC The Planning Survey 2022

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How Jedox outperforms Workday Adaptive Planning

Jedox empowers connecting strategic planning with financial and operational planning across the organization through superior integration capabilities and adaptability. The Jedox Add-in for Excel 365, powerful reporting, scalable multi-dimensional modeling, and white-glove customer support are the reasons customers choose Jedox over Workday Adaptive Planning.

Jedox ranks above Workday Adaptive Planning for forecasting, fast-time to value and implementation support. And according to leading industry analysts, Jedox customers are more satisfied than Workday Adaptive Planning customers.*

*BARC The Planning Survey 2022

Discover Jedox, one of Workday Adaptive Planning’s strongest competitors!

3 reasons to evaluate Jedox

Jedox is a fast, full-service, future-proof integrated business planning and performance management solution that empowers companies to automate repetitive tasks, strengthen collaboration, and transform through the power of one unified platform.

A unified planning solution

Eliminate data silos and control your entire value chain. Many planning solutions are rigid and only allow for the integration of operational and financial data by linking pre-built solutions with platform products that can be modeled. Jedox is adaptable and enables a seamless mapping of operational processes and their financial implications in a unified process.

Intelligent forecasts with AIssisted™ Planning

Artificial Intelligence is transforming in corporate planning. Jedox AIssisted™ Planning supports revenue forecasting, demand planning, customer churn predictions, and cashflow forecasting. AI and machine learning are integrated directly into the platform, making it practical for all business users.

Excel-friendly, intuitive user interface

Jedox offers the Jedox Add-in for Excel 365 which means seamless data collection and analysis without spreadsheet chaos caused by disconnected files and shadow processes. The Jedox In-memory database delivers fast analysis of large data sets required organization-wide planning.

Are you looking for an alternative to Workday Adaptive Planning software?

Jedox is on a mission to empower organizations to deliver adaptable plans that outperform expectations so they can achieve cultures of decisiveness, confidence, and performance.

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Jedox integrated business planning

The world’s most adaptable planning and performance management platform

That exhilarating feeling when your organization performs how you envisioned. When you plan for the future and achieve your goals.

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