CenDat Solutions LLC

We partner closely with clients to develop financial solutions for the office of the CFO and for Private Equity, including Fund Data Management, Portfolio Company Tracking, Financial Consolidations, Budgeting and Planning, and other applications needing fast, flexible, and dynamic access to data. Our team combines over 40 years of hands-on experience working directly in finance, private equity, and software integrations. As a result of this experience we understand both the day to day realities of customer’s daily work-load as well as the technology to help improve and alleviate those problems, enabling us to provide solutions that meet client’s needs both from the executive level as well as front line teams.

CenDat can help Private Equity CFO’s reap the fund data management benefits only previously found in expensive Fund Accounting software packages – with more reporting flexibility and at significantly lower cost. CenDat’s Fund Data Management Application will work in conjunction with your existing systems and will eliminate frustration from a lack of automated data processes and too many time consuming work flow process spreadsheets.

For clients looking for a rapid deployment we offer a selection of pre-built applications to allow clients to roll out a standard solution quickly, customization services for those companies wishing to modify the standard packages or the development of customized solutions tailored to specific requirements.

CenDat Solutions LLC was co-founded by Gary Joyce, a seasoned multi-billion dollar industry and private equity fund CFO. A common theme experienced in numerous CFO roles, was the lack of accessible detailed data for business processes, reporting and analytics – either directly in Excel or via the web. Sourcing and using data from expensive ERP implementations down to base level accounting systems has always been problematic, leading to inefficient, time consuming and costly processes. This dilemma is faced by CFO’s and business professionals across all industries.

As a result, during his tenure as a private equity fund CFO, Gary identified a Business Intelligence
platform (Jedox) that was sufficiently flexible and scalable allowing development of numerous
applications. These included Fund Data Management, detailed financial consolidations used by several portfolio companies, portfolio-company tracking and sales analysis.