AEXIS, a member of the AEXIS Group, is an independent European IT organization headquartered in Belgium, also has offices in the Netherlands and France. The group counts over 150 employees and delivers software solutions to more than 1000 customers.
With more than 30 years of experience, AEXIS provides business critical and powerful Data Quality, Enterprise Performance Management & Business Intelligence Solutions to support companies in their transformation towards digital, legally compliant and data-driven organisations. AEXIS helps customers in digitalizing and improving their:

– Planning , Budgeting & Reporting processes
– Data integration & Governance processes
– Business Intelligence platforms
– IT Service Management platforms
– Advanced Analytics architecture services and software
– GDPR automation software and services

A one-stop shop for finance departments
AEXIS excels in assisting clients in EPM and utilizing the power of Jedox. AEXIS also allows its clients to benefit from Jedox connectors capabilities – QlikView for instance.

AEXIS Project Management Approach
With AEXIS’ unique blend of business and technology expertise, it offers end-to-end solutions, covering the whole project life cycle. AEXIS’ project management approach divides the development and rollout of the entire system into a series of implementation cycles, which identify and prioritize the portions of the system that can be developed and rolled out before the entire system is complete. Each cycle also includes a feedback step to evaluate and prioritize the implementation results, strategy changes and improvement requests on the future implementation cycles. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate drive. Properly managing scope, time and cost during the project, are seen as our critical success factors to achieve success.

AEXIS Consultants
AEXIS provides all services and knowledge required to successfully implement selected solution. These include business domain expertise, business process consulting, software development skills, software installation & integration, custom and best practice implementations, public and tailored training & coaching programs, software helpdesk & support. To accomplish this, our consultants are consistently kept certified in the highest competence levels.

– Implementation Services
– Business & Technology Consulting
– Quick Scan
– Content Education
– Tool Training
– Helpdesk – Support