STS consulting aims to provide services concerning setting up ERP (Logo that is most utilized local solution in Turkey and SAP), Enterprise Performance Management tools as well as management consulting in order to assist businesses to increase efficiencies within company.

STS consulting has been established at Istanbul by professionals who worked as managers either in technology or in other professions and have completed countless ERP, BI, Supply Chain, Managerial Accounting, Finance, Budget and other Business projects for years in various industries.

STS believe in that if customers’ business needs and goals are comprehended well, the correct solutions can be provided with the expected quality in time. The most important difference of STS is to have hands on experience of business mind and technology. As the competition arises every day, STS believe that all processes in companies have to be defined well and have to serve to the strategy set. Moreover, in order to reach these goals, technology is one of the big assets the company should utilize effectively and efficiently. That is why STS refer to Strategic Technology Systems.

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