Keansa Solutions Pte. Ltd.

Keansa is a boutique consulting firm focused on Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions. We specialize in implementing market-leading EPM technologies. Our expertise lies in new generation technologies powered by Cloud Computing, Mobile Devices, and Data Science, which have the power to transform organizations and businesses and strive to new heights in number-driven decision makings.

  • Keansa has offices in Singapore, India, The Netherlands & Canada with a strong focus on delivering best in class EPM solutions to our global customers.
  • Keansa has clients in 6 countries and business users across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.
  • Our growing team of consultants have expertise in implementing Sales & Operation planning, Supply Chain Planning, Sales Planning, and Financial Planning & Analysis solutions across different industries that together encompass EPM.
  •  Our consultants have worked on complex solutions in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Consumer Electronics, Mining, Food and Beverages and Insurance domains.

Key differentiator 
Keansa is committed to delivering solutions that provide true value to customers and our very business model is created to make this possible. There are three main pillars of our capability that are also fundamental to our raison d’etre and business thinking.

Domain expertise 
Keansa’s core experience lies in creating and delivering Supply Chain centric Enterprise Performance management (EPM) solutions. The leadership team at Keansa has a collective experience of nearly 100 years in delivering ERP, SCM, Demand Forecasting and Planning, Project and Portfolio Management, Risk Management, and Analytics solutions, the world over.

Global presence – Local Execution
Keansa’s market and customers are located on multiple continents and so are its teams. The rationale to choose this approach is because this gives us access to global talent and also to deliver solutions to customers being closer to where they are.

Customer First Attitude
This is the most important pillar or guiding principle. The Keansa team wants the best for its customers and we are willing to go the extra mile to deliver value during our engagements

Partner Services: 

– Supply Chain Planning for Agri, Chemicals, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Durables, Food and Beverages, and Hi-Tec
– Financial Planning and Analysis for Food and Beverage, Insurance and Pharmaceuticals
– Financial Consolidation and Reporting
– Technology recommendation
– Model Performance Tuning

Solution Implementation
– Subject Matter Experts in S&OP, Supply Chain Planing and Financial Planning & Analysis
– Certified Modelers & developers trained in best practices
– Agile Project Management practices
– User Training and Support

Data Integration
– Data Hub Design
– Source Data Quality Testing
– Data Connector and Data Flow set up
– Data Migration & Transformation support
– Data Load Automation

Apps Development
– Available pre-built applications for Mining, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, manufacturing & Hi-Tech that can be further customized.

Training & Support
– Training Content Development
– Super User Training
– Business User Training & UAT

Covid – 19 Assistance
In these unprecedentedly difficult times, we, at Keansa are offering our help to any business that may be facing difficulties with their supply chains, particularly with visibility to supply chain data and reorganizing their response plans. Keansa stands committed to supporting these affected businesses through free consultation with our Supply Chain and Business Process experts. We will be very happy to help you find a solution. If you would like us to get in touch with you, please drop us a note through our website ( We will get back to you and offer you our best support.

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